My Last Alabama Photo Session – One to Remember

My Last Alabama Photo Session – One to Remember

I’m just now going back through super old drafts that I have started, and decided I’d like to share this, even though it’s about four years old! And I’ve done two weddings since this one! 

I am frequently asked if I do weddings…

*I do*

That said, it’s typically people who truly want me for my photography style and those who have more intimate, smaller weddings. I was so, so grateful to end my time in Alabama with a bang and a one of a kind wedding on the Alabama Riverfront in Montgomery. Jennifer knows my husband, Jason, through working together at Maxwell, and I was happy to meet with Jennifer and Kenny to discuss their vision for their wedding, and if I would be able to document it the way they’d like. Wedding photography is not at all the same as family photography or newborn photography, so I was very clear that although I would love to do this for them, I don’t have the experience to consider myself a “wedding photographer.” Thankfully, they still loved my vision and my photography style, and I was able to capture their ceremony, as well as the reception aboard the Harriott II! Here is just a *very tiny* glimpse in to their Wedding Day…

And, I’m also going to add, just for my memory’s sake…it was the best post-reception ever. Grateful they loved me enough as both a photographer and a friend…they said I could drink and enjoy the reception and post reception fun at the bar downtown. Sooooo, I did. But of course, after I fulfilled my commitment, I promise! Give me all of the fun couples like this one…these weddings I can handle! 

burnett-websize-1 burnett-websize-4 burnett-websize-9 burnett-websize-10 burnett-websize-13 burnett-websize-14 burnett-websize-19 burnett-websize-25 burnett-websize-26 burnett-websize-28 burnett-websize-30 burnett-websize-31 burnett-websize-33 burnett-websize-40 burnett-websize-43 burnett-websize-44 burnett-websize-51 burnett-websize-54 burnett-websize-56 burnett-websize-57 burnett-websize-63 burnett-websize-67 burnett-websize-74 burnett-websize-77 burnett-websize-78 Burnett-Websize-1.jpg Burnett-Websize-46.jpg Burnett-Websize-39.jpg Burnett-Websize-38.jpg Burnett-Websize-34.jpg

Favor Real Estate – Company Headshots

When you live in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, it’s very likely that you’ll run in to some of the kindest people…even if it’s just out and about doing errands, at Kohl’s! 

After we chat over a few items and then our military backgrounds, we were comfortable enough to share each other business cards, and out of that came a beautiful friendship and these updated portraits for this sweet couple! As always, very honored to capture moments and images that families will love, as well as to update some business photos as well! 

Also, you can find these images at Favor Real Estate…talk with the Peterson’s if you are interested in an awesome property management duo to help your real estate needs! 

{D} Family : Newborn Session – Twins!

{D} Family : Newborn Session – Twins!

Seriously, how beautiful…to be blessed with two healthy babies, one boy, one girl?!

This family is absolutely precious — just look at these images! You know, I had someone comment on one of the Facebook previews about their Dad proudly serving…actually, while Daddy is proud of his babies and his wife…in this case, the Mommy is the one serving. That’s right — a toddler at home and the Military Momma taking care of these precious littles AND doing her thing at work while serving our country too! Amazing, loving, and beautiful family. Such an honor to meet them, and I know the sacrifices this family is making. It’s not easy, but with that much love, they make it look like it is!

In talking with Mommy, we decided an at home, candid lifestyle session with a few posed images would work best for their family. I call this realistic expectations! With a toddler at home and two newborn babes, although I know it can be done, I think having the best of both portraiture and lifestyle is the way to go!

Also, if you are interested in seeing their maternity session, you can find it HERE

This one is a must share!! LOVE!



Proudly showing off what Mommy is up to here in Montgomery, Alabama.


I’m not sure if I’ve ever seen a prouder Big Brother!




Daddy has his hands full of love…

Quite possibly, one of my all time favorite lifestyle captures.

I adore this one so much! Look at those precious faces!


I might have been a little too giddy about capturing this one! Look at those smiles!


Pure love…and you can feel it!

One final image to round out this amazing family newborn session!


{D & K} Bridal Session with Studio802

{D & K} Bridal Session with Studio802

What a gorgeous and super sweet Bridal Session that my amazingly talented friend, Emiley of Studio802 allowed me to capture with her! First off, I need to say how incredibly generous and kind Emiley has been to me since the moment (or, maybe even before!) I stepped back in to Oklahoma City! She’s a firm believer and DOER of “community over competition” and it shows in everything she does. I’ve been blessed beyond words by her friendship, mentorship, and love! And, heads up, she has just changed studio locations, and I cannot wait to see all that she’s able to do with it! 

Anyways, back to this beautiful session — Emiley invited me to join her and her sweet hubby to take pictures at a bridal session from a wedding she had recently done. Of course I was super eager to join her and watch how another photographer works. I’ve had my own business for a few years, but there’s something to learn from such an amazingly talented professionals in the industry, and her images and how she works were wonderful to see in person. And this couple!!! Seriously, they are super cute and sweet, and I am so thankful they let me join in capturing these moments. I wish them all the best in their future – with as much fun and laughter, I don’t doubt it’ll be an amazing one. 

Here is a small sampling of images that I was able to capture with Emiley (and a few over her shoulder — loved documenting how she works, and also didn’t want to disrupt her flow)! I hope you love this gorgeous session as much as I do. I don’t offer my services for many weddings (mainly smaller ones), but I’ve been blessed to capture a few, and though it’s not my main niche, I’m glad to have had some more experience like this. 

**Oh! And, yeah. I’m not a consistent blogger! I’ve had this sitting in my drafts for…well, months…and I’m so sorry I haven’t gotten this out sooner! I’m sure after seeing how gorgeous session this was why I still want to share and blog it! 


Emiley’s sweet husband making sure all of the details are perfect! 
kayla-dustin-bridal-images-slp-2  kayla-dustin-bridal-images-slp-4
kayla-dustin-bridal-images-slp-5 kayla-dustin-bridal-images-slp-6

Emiley, working her magic!! 
kayla-dustin-bridal-images-slp-7  kayla-dustin-bridal-images-slp-9  kayla-dustin-bridal-images-slp-11 kayla-dustin-bridal-images-slp-12 kayla-dustin-bridal-images-slp-13  kayla-dustin-bridal-images-slp-15 kayla-dustin-bridal-images-slp-16 kayla-dustin-bridal-images-slp-17 kayla-dustin-bridal-images-slp-18 kayla-dustin-bridal-images-slp-19 kayla-dustin-bridal-images-slp-20 kayla-dustin-bridal-images-slp-21 kayla-dustin-bridal-images-slp-22 kayla-dustin-bridal-images-slp-23 kayla-dustin-bridal-images-slp-24 kayla-dustin-bridal-images-slp-25 kayla-dustin-bridal-images-slp-26 kayla-dustin-bridal-images-slp-27  kayla-dustin-bridal-images-slp-29  kayla-dustin-bridal-images-slp-31 kayla-dustin-bridal-images-slp-32  kayla-dustin-bridal-images-slp-34 kayla-dustin-bridal-images-slp-35  kayla-dustin-bridal-images-slp-37  kayla-dustin-bridal-images-slp-39 kayla-dustin-bridal-images-slp-40

{E} Family : Law Enforcement Session

{E} Family : Law Enforcement Session

I can’t even being to tell you how thankful I am to have been able to capture this sweet family’s LEO Session not too long after I arrived in Oklahoma City! They drove out quite a ways to come see me, and I’m so glad that they did. These LEOs and their families deserve so much recognition and gratitude for all they do, each and every day, to help serve and protect.

While checking camera settings, this was the first one out of the shoot…someone was a little curious about me, and captivated by my camera. And I loved it!
earls-family-websize-1 earls-family-websize-4

I adore this!! Look at this gorgeous family!

Some families, I have to worry about if they’ll go with the flow, or, in this case, if they’ll go along with their little toddler ūüôā This family…so laid back and chill. I loved it!

Okay, blanket game with toddlers is a must…so, so precious!
earls-family-websize-19 earls-family-websize-21


Melt. My. Heart. Over and Over…love it!
earls-family-websize-27  earls-family-websize-43

This is everything.
earls-family-websize-47 earls-family-websize-49

Honored to have received a gift at this session!! How very generous…this totally made my day!

And, ending with my favorite of this family…and a favorite for years to come, I’m sure!


{D} Family : Maternity Session – Twins!

I am going to let this beautiful maternity session speak for itself…the only regret that I have is that I haven’t posted this amazing photo session sooner! It’s been in my Drafts folder for so long, but today’s the day to share this with the world! I can’t believe it’s been nearly a year (about 11 months since we were both back in Montgomery at this maternity session), but I’m actually excited to share since I truly want my focus to be on maternity, birth and newborn one day, and that’s a perfect way to share with my local followers here in Oklahoma City!

I am so thankful that this Mom & Dad trusted me to do both the Maternity and Newborn sessions of these sweet and beautiful twins! I cannot think of anything more beautiful than photographing¬†these precious moments! Clearly, I had a difficult time choosing a few images…all of them are so, so beautiful!

I haven’t officially posted it yet, but when it’s published, you can find their newborn session¬†HERE.¬†

She is stunning…the epitome of a glowing Mom, in love with her babies.

DaSilva Maternity-1

DaSilva Maternity-2
DaSilva Maternity-3
DaSilva Maternity-4

Such a special and beautiful family connection…I loved every moment of this session. Truly.
DaSilva Maternity-5

I love when my clients incorporate personal items that are special to them in our sessions.
DaSilva Maternity-6
DaSilva Maternity-7

I am always a happy photographer when I get moments like this, in addition to a gorgeous, natural sun flare! Makes my photographer heart happy!
DaSilva Maternity-8
DaSilva Maternity-9

This family is so excited to welcome their sweet new babies, and look at Big Brother!
DaSilva Maternity-10

If you’ve ever had a session with me…you know you have to be prepared to kiss at least a couple times!
DaSilva Maternity-11
DaSilva Maternity-12

I adore this moment…
DaSilva Maternity-13
DaSilva Maternity-14

Absolutely precious! 
DaSilva Maternity-15

I love everything about this!!!
DaSilva Maternity-16
DaSilva Maternity-17
DaSilva Maternity-18
DaSilva Maternity-19
DaSilva Maternity-20

I can hardly wait to share the newborn session with you all! I’ll leave you with with this stunning moment…and hope to get those babies up¬†linked here soon as well.
DaSilva Maternity-21

To my GORGEOUS client and her family…THANK YOU!!! I am so thankful you took a chance with me to capture these moments!

Three Generations – Foster Family 2015

Three Generations – Foster Family 2015







I can’t deny it…one of my all time favorite family sessions!!!

I loved meeting this AMAZING family boasting three generations of beauty and love. Truly, they are a family that I one day aspire to have. I enjoyed photographing everyone…but I think Grandma Joan and Grandpa have my heart. What a blessed family to have these loving grandparents to have started this family. I had to capture a few special ones of just them towards the end, so be sure to keep scrolling since I couldn’t just choose a few.

We had this special session in Pike Road, Alabama, along one of my favorite and most scenic fall session areas. The fence, road and lighting are perfect for the look that they were hoping for. When I tell my clients I do a combination of “posed” and “lifestyle”…this session is exactly what I have in mind!

Although rebuilding my photography business in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma as a portrait and lifestyle photographer, I will ALWAYS remember how beautiful this session was, and what it meant for them to allow me to capture these special family moments.

Foster Blog Size SLP-1
Foster Blog Size SLP-23  Foster Blog Size SLP-22
Foster Blog Size SLP-20 Foster Blog Size SLP-11
Foster Blog Size SLP-19 Foster Blog Size SLP-17
Foster Blog Size SLP-15
Foster Blog Size SLP-14
Foster Blog Size SLP-13 Foster Blog Size SLP-12

Foster Blog Size SLP-10Foster Blog Size SLP-9Foster Blog Size SLP-8Foster Blog Size SLP-7Foster Blog Size SLP-5Foster Blog Size SLP-3Foster Blog Size SLP-2 Foster Blog Size SLP-24 Foster Blog Size SLP-26 Foster Blog Size SLP-27 Foster Blog Size SLP-28 Foster Blog Size SLP-29 Foster Blog Size SLP-30  Foster Blog Size SLP-32  Foster Blog Size SLP-34 Foster Blog Size SLP-35 Foster Blog Size SLP-36 Foster Blog Size SLP-37 Foster Blog Size SLP-38  Foster Blog Size SLP-40 Foster Blog Size SLP-41  Foster Blog Size SLP-43  Foster Blog Size SLP-45 Foster Blog Size SLP-46 Foster Blog Size SLP-47  Foster Blog Size SLP-49 Foster Blog Size SLP-50 Foster Blog Size SLP-51 Foster Blog Size SLP-52  Foster Blog Size SLP-54 Foster Blog Size SLP-55   Foster Blog Size SLP-58 Foster Blog Size SLP-59

Henderson Family – Fall Session 2015

Henderson Family – Fall Session 2015







I’m on a blogging roll, y’all! One day I’ll have a better workflow to include getting blog posts written as sessions finish, but I’m not quite there yet! But, I do enjoy getting my sessions up, I promise! If you’ve been keeping up with me, you also know that I’ve been working on adding some new features to Shelby Leigh Photography, so maybe I’ll get a pass for continuing to learn how to make this business great ūüôā I’ve also been working on some other areas of my photography, and I’ll save those updates for another post!

I’m so, so blessed to be friends with this amazing family! Seriously, they are amazing! We happened to meet sort of online – we’re both military families, so we try to make connections in new places. In this particular instance, I think I answered a question about what church we went to, and I offered that my family would be on the lookout for theirs if they gave our church, Vaughn Forest, a try. After I was told to look for the man satchel (or murse?…either way…it was the most unique of descriptions he could have given, but it worked – love you Adam!), we found each other, hit it off, and went to lunch and haven’t looked back. Well, maybe on occasion when Jen and my husband get a little weird together! But our kids have a blast and ask for play dates…well, like every time we see each other.

As it turns out, Jen is none other than the amazing¬†Jen Woodhouse….which, is pretty freaking amazing. She is more talented than I can possibly describe; between being a wonderful wife and mother, a talented worship leader and accomplished singer, and her ability to write plans for making furniture (RIGHT?!!) and MAKE the furniture herself, I’ve decided there isn’t much she can’t do (she also does her own photography work…so needless to say, I was already way intimidated going into this session!)! And, to boot…she’s an awesome friend and cook. Our family will surely miss theirs, but as our military family is used to doing, we’re already making plans to meet up after we move from Montgomery!

So, so thankful I was able to capture this sweet family here in Montgomery, but more importantly, that we became great friends while we were here!

I may have overdone it with the picture sharing in this one, but seriously, they’re an overly photogenic family, and their beauty totally shines through.
Plus, I had way too many of my own favorites, so this was easier than choosing!

Henderson Blog Images-1 Henderson Blog Images-3 Henderson Blog Images-7 Henderson Blog Images-9 Henderson Blog Images-10 Henderson Blog Images-12 Henderson Blog Images-14 Henderson Blog Images-16 Henderson Blog Images-17 Henderson Blog Images-19  Henderson Websize-14

A Sweet Family Reunion – Military Life

A Sweet Family Reunion – Military Life

I’ve said it time and again, but I am blessed with the best clients! This particular family is no exception! I’ve been fortunate enough to be able to capture two family sessions, and I am so very thankful! You can see their first family session from 2014 here…Cummins Cotton Field Session.¬† You don’t want to miss it…it was a beautiful Southern Cotton Field Session! And in just one short year, look at how much their handsome little guy has grown! With two littles of my own, I can attest to how much they change before your eyes, so blink (or don’t take¬†pictures to capture the changes) and you can miss so much!

Well, for this family, these sessions have been particularly special…this handsome Daddy had been away from his loves for way too long, and thankfully we were able to schedule this right away so we could get the pictures taken¬†when he got home! Moments like these are so, so special, and I know that looking back on these captures means the world to military families, and hopefully all families. We surely don’t want to take the times our family is together for granted! Oh, and for anyone wondering…this beautiful location is over in Pike Road, at¬†The Waters.

Isn’t he the cutest with those stunning eyes (and handsome grin?!)

Cummins Websize SLP-1

And then we have these two love birds…they really are the sweetest!!
Cummins Websize SLP-2 Cummins Websize SLP-3
A couple extra family captures…I really try to make sure we have a good set to choose from!
Cummins Websize SLP-4 Cummins Websize SLP-6

More Cuteness..
Cummins Websize SLP-7  Cummins Websize SLP-10

An amazing family…and they’re ridiculously photogenic. Photographer’s dream!

Cummins Websize SLP-9  Cummins Websize SLP-11

Cummins Websize SLP-5

This capture above is an updated head shot we decided to take while we were out there! You never know when you’ll need a new one! And, thanks to this lovely lady, I was blessed by a huge set of referrals from our local yoga studio, Yoga Gem! I can’t thank her enough for the amazing referrals and the chance to meet some awesome new clients!

Ending this post with this handsome little man’s smile…he just makes me happy!

Cummins Websize SLP-8


Thank you so much, sweet friend for letting me capture your amazing family again this year!! I will be so sad next year when we aren’t together! You’d better keep in touch!


Bradwell Family – Fall 2015

It’s not everyday I get asked to capture a beautiful Mama and her handsome young men sons, but I was able to do just that this gorgeous fall afternoon! Of course, it was a little warm down here in Alabama, so we had to embellish the “cool fall” feel! Thankfully, they humored me, and we all made it work!

Looks a bit like Mama raised these boys right!! And, trust me on this…she did! Got lots of yes ma’ams…which, yes, made me feel a little old! Ha!

Cindy Bradwell Websize-1Cindy Bradwell Websize-6

Brothers. Love it!

Cindy Bradwell Websize-4Cindy Bradwell Websize-11


Sometimes I just *need* to add some black and whites to the mix…


Cindy Bradwell Websize-7 Cindy Bradwell Websize-9

Love them…such a beautiful family…

Cindy Bradwell Websize-18Cindy Bradwell Websize-17

Occasionally, we invite some very special extra members to our sessions. And this is totally fine with me! Especially with that gorgeous light beaming down on them.

Cindy Bradwell Websize-3 Cindy Bradwell Websize-13

Seriously, y’all. Could they be any sweeter?! And another one of those times where choosing color OR black and white wouldn’t do…I had to have both!

Cindy Bradwell Websize-12 Cindy Bradwell Websize-14 Cindy Bradwell Websize-15

I don’t exactly know what’s in store for this beautiful couple, but I think it’s safe to say that happiness will be a part of it…


Cindy Bradwell Websize-16   Cindy Bradwell Websize-19 Cindy Bradwell Websize-20



And simply because we had a blanket and these two looked pretty cozy…
Blanket Snow SLP-1

Thank you so much for letting me capture these memories for you!! I had so much fun with y’all!