Kitzke Maternity

Kitzke Maternity

Wow! What a gorgeous session with a Mommy who makes pregnancy look amazing!! I am so honored that this sweet couple contacted me to do their maternity pictures. We had a few possible bumps to overcome with “iffy” weather, but we stuck it out, showed up a little earlier than intended and captured some amazing and beautiful moments of this couple before Baby Boy arrives. I often shoot over at The Waters, and this particular evening did not disappoint. Some families worry about it being cloudy or overcast, but trust your photographer like this couple did! I love it when it’s overcast…no squinty eyes, and usually the clouds cooperate for some beautiful shots as well! And I won’t lie…sometimes when I know the evening will be just right for pictures…I really want to run out and capture a family even if it’s not scheduled! We timed this perfectly too…we finished up right before it started to rain again!

I love how casual and easy-going this couple is, and am glad that they had visions for their images…with flexibility for what would work best for them. I definitely think that’s key to fabulous images! I don’t mind at all being shown Pinterest images and talking out ideas for poses; in fact, I like knowing the expectations to a degree before getting there as I would hate to disappoint if a client was looking for things that I do not do! But I always remind my clients to have flexibility and remember that they won’t look like the images, which is fantastic in this case because these images turned out so much better! Another important thing to remember is to be yourselves, and try to forget that I’m there. Natural looks good on everyone, and most people don’t pull off “posed” looks as seamlessly. This is from personal experience too!  Thankfully this couple did both very well…but I have to admit, some of their sweet candids and and looks to each other made me melt!

And note to all husbands…show up, wear what your wife suggests, and cooperate…it’s SO much easier! This husband was a model husband for this session, just in case you couldn’t tell! He did so well that even I was impressed!

Lifting prayers for a smooth remainder of the pregnancy, and for a quick, easy delivery and recovery! I can hardly wait to meet precious Diego, and capture you as a family of three!

Below are some of my favorite images from this lovely session…enjoy!!


Gileanne collage-1! Gileanne blog SLP-2 Gileanne Blog-1 Gileanne Blog-2 Gileanne Blog-4 Gileanne Blog-5 Gileanne Blog-6 Gileanne Blog-7 Gileanne Blog-9 Gileanne Blog-10  Gileanne Blog-12

Gileanne blog SLP-1

And…the packaging!! I love packing up my clients’ gorgeous prints for them to open! It’s like Christmas for me and for them!

Gileanne Packaging-1

Eiff Family – Spring 2015

Eiff Family | Montgomery, AL | Natural Light | April 2015 | Family Photographer

Sometimes, when you look back on the people God has let in your life, you realize that each little step of the way, he has guided carefully those who are to be family. Let me explain. We are a military family, and as such, many of our friends become our family. No questions…they’re just family, they’ve invited us in, watched our backs, propped us up. I giggle knowing how and when I first met the Mommy in this beautiful family, and sometimes wonder what she thought of me. I’m a *bit* introverted, so when joining a new MOPS group when we got to Montgomery, I was a little shy, which is totally normal for me. This Mommy…well, she isn’t shy. But moreover, she’s not only inclusive, loving, and genuine…she’s also a great listener. I had no idea then that our paths would continue on this journey of love and friendship between our families, but I’m so glad that it did!!

I absolutely LOVED this spring session!! It was actually taken at a beautiful plantation-type home here in Alabama, and everything about the session was amazing…and so are the owners of the beautiful home. The Eiffs and my children and I were able to tour the home and also, unknown to us at the time, get a huge spiritual blessing from the owners. They are amazing, and I’m so thankful to call both families friends!

Eiff Collage - SLP -2



For.The.LOVE. Could this little guy be ANY CUTER?!!! I think not!


Eiff SLP-1


AdvoCare Champions!!

Eiff SLP-2 Eiff SLP-3


I can’t get over big brother…loving on his baby brother!!! LOVE!

Eiff SLP-4 Eiff SLP-5 Eiff SLP-6 Eiff SLP-7

I’m a little smitten with this picture and how beautiful this couple is!

Eiff SLP-8

He Makes Everything Beautiful…

He Makes Everything Beautiful…

“He makes everything beautiful in His time…” – Ecclesiastes 3:11

What an incredible honor it was to be chosen to capture the details of this amazing surprise proposal! With love, friendship, and God at the center of this couple’s marriage, I have no doubt it will be filled with as much love as a lifetime can handle! It was beautiful to see how much the groom anticipated his gorgeous fiancee’s arrival…and her reaction…just absolutely priceless. I’m pretty sure that the day will be forever remembered…everything from the beautiful setting at the church in Old Alabama Town to the pathway and the lights…the drapery over the door and the beautiful flowers! Every detail was planned – even the rouse to get her to the location! And the feeling that I was able to have, capturing each and every moment…just pure joy in each frame! I love this beautiful couple and wish them nothing but joy and love in their marriage…and maybe a couple babies for me to photograph!

Love you!

I couldn’t help but make a collage…

Proposal CollageProposal -1  Proposal -2Proposal -3   Proposal Edited-1Proposal-5

Proposal -4


Young Family Christmas Photos

Montgomery | Alabama | Family Photographer

Amazing what stepping out and just inviting someone to your home can do! This sweet Mommy and I formed a quick friendship and bond with our little girls, and I’m thankful that the military life brought us together and that we know we can count on each other! Let me tell you, this lady has an amazing heart and I’m thankful just to know her, and very humbled to have been asked to photograph her beautiful family!

A  gorgeous fall day with beautiful scenery, and the sweetest of families! I loved everything about this session! I was excited that Mommy was super relaxed and really able to go with the flow with location and my visions! We were able to capture some great shots, candid, posed, couple, and individual! It was fantastic! Everyone was super cooperative and photogenic…even Spencer the dog! Young -1 Young -2 Young SLP -1 Young SLP -2 Young SLP -3 Young SLP -4 Young-3 Young-4 Young SLP Blog 72 dpi-1 Young SLP Blog 72 dpi-2Young SLP Blog 72 dpi-4 Young SLP Blog 72 dpi-3 Young SLP Blog 72 dpi-5 Young SLP Blog 72 dpi-6 Young SLP Blog 72 dpi-7 Young SLP Blog 72 dpi-8 Young SLP Blog 72 dpi-9 Young SLP Blog 72 dpi-10

Living in the South : Cotton Field with the Cummins Family

Living in the South : Cotton Field with the Cummins Family

When one makes the move to the South, a few things come to mind: sweet tea, “y’all,” humidity, and cotton fields! I absolutely love that I was able to capture the vision that my sweet friend and fellow military spouse had for her dream cotton field session to capture her time here in Montgomery, Alabama! Sarah was one of the first friends I made here in Alabama, encouraging me to get out and meet other spouses, and her friendship is not one I’ll soon forget. I am also very grateful for her support of me and my vision as a photographer; her encouragement and support truly helped me grow in confidence and for that, I’ll be forever grateful. It’s not everyday someone takes a chance on a “newbie” photographer in a sea of “professionals” in the area!

Here are some beautiful captures from their session…enjoy. Southern living captured!


Cummins SLP-10Cummins SLP-15 Cummins SLP-20

Cummins SLP-1 Cummins SLP-26 Cummins SLP-22

Such a gorgeous couple!!! Beautiful friends, inside and out!

Cummins SLP-19
Such a lucky little guy!! He has all of his Mommy and Daddy’s love…an amazing little boy!

Cummins SLP-18 Cummins SLP-16 Cummins SLP-7

Cummins SLP-3

Gah!!! And this last one is quite possibly one of my all time favorites…
Cummins SLP-24


I am also very thankful that Sarah took time out to write an awesome review after her session for me! Read her testimonial here:

Sara’s Testimonial

A Love that Lasts : Spence Couple Session

What a blessing it was  to capture these images of my MOPS mentor mom and her sweet husband together! I honestly couldn’t keep myself from telling them how sweet and inspirational they are (every couple of seconds!)…I was taking these images to help them capture this milestone year in their marriage – 45 years together!! Having been married only 12 years myself, I’m guessing that based on these two, the secrets to a healthy, happy marriage include lots of laughter and keeping God in the center of it! I brought my husband over to look at the images as I was having a difficult time choosing the images for their CD…and he kept going through them and raving over how much he loves this whole session. You can truly see their happiness radiating, and in this day of divorce and honestly not being happy for successful marriages, it was so captivating being around them to learn the secrets!

Happy 45th Anniversary, Dave and Juli!

You are truly a blessing to those around you.

Spence Blog-1 Spence Blog-2 Spence Blog-3 Spence Blog-4 Spence Blog-5 Spence Blog-6 Spence Blog-7 Spence Blog-8 Spence Blog-9

I just couldn’t help myself…they were so happy and smiley the whole time I had to try something to get them “not smile.”

They tried, but ultimately it didn’t work…they’re too sweet!

Spence Blog-10 Spence Blog-11

It’s Almost Time : Preston Maternity Session at The Waters

By far, when clients come to me, location is one of the first things discussed. Many have viewed the images that I’ve already taken, and though none of my clients need or want a replica of another family or client’s session or poses, beauty is something that everyone wants to be captured. The Waters in Pike Road, Alabama has it! The gorgeous setting has a bit of something for everyone, and everyone’s images are still unique and fun, and rolling off of my previous post, scream “Alabama!”  After agreeing to a maternity session, my friend and I discussed the location. She told me what she was looking for and I let her know of all that The Waters has to offer, and she loved how it sounded…and now she has a little piece of Alabama to keep with her, even when they move. And I’m pretty sure she’s going to miss it!

This session in all its beauty truly makes me happy! I am very thankful to have had the opportunity to capture the images of this gorgeous Mommy, her sweet baby bump, Daddy, and of course a couple adorable fur babies! It wasn’t without a little bit of convincing, however. Being a mother of two littles, and having had maternity pictures taken both times, there are few things that hit me emotionally as when I look back on that time. Now, trust me, my pregnancies weren’t easy by any means, but that being said, I’ve heard that you often remember the good and forget the bad! Remember the good…the great…the beautiful. I was carrying a precious life with me, to nurture and love and one day meet, and nothing compares to that feeling, except maybe meeting them for the first time. So, I knew I had to give my friend a nudge. I let her know that if there was any piece of her that thought she might regret not having them done, she should have at least a couple pictures taken. After some thought, the Prestons let me capture these moments; both Mommy and Daddy love these images and that makes my heart so happy! They get to cherish this precious time, some of the last moments of this first pregnancy while in beautiful Alabama, forever!


SLP Preston-1 SLP Preston-2 SLP Preston-3 SLP Preston-5 SLP Preston-6

A Southern Session : James Couple at The Waters

The first time I met Mrs. Jayne, there was an immediate connection with her. She’s so sweet, easy to talk with (and lose track of time with!) and just a beautiful person, both inside and out. Her beauty is stunning, and her heart even more so. We also have an amazing mutual friend who shared images that I had done of her family, and from that, and just knowing me a couple hours, Jayne booked me on the spot. I was honored to have the chance to photograph her for this special birthday year with her husband…and let me tell you, they are a blast!! We had a lot of fun on the session, and I was excited to get so many types of images for them to choose from.  The location was at The Waters in Pike Road, Alabama. It is so beautiful there, and even though I shoot there often, it doesn’t get boring to me because every session is so different, and overwhelmingly, it’s not going to be boring for my clients. The Waters encompasses a natural Southern feel and charm…it truly cries “Alabama” to me! Gorgeous trees draped in Spanish moss, beautiful lakes at sunset, docks, and so much more can be found here. I hope you enjoy this sweet couple’s session while you take in some of the beauty of Southern Alabama…Jayne James-3 Jayne James-119 Jayne James-116 Jayne James-105 Jayne James-96 Jayne James-95 Jayne James-81 Jayne James-35 Jayne James-24 Jayne James-16 Jayne James-8 Jayne James-4 Jayne James-1