For Photographers

Shelby Leigh Photography is happy to offer courses and mentoring that fit your needs, whether you are just starting out, or if you are a little more season in the photography industry. Since I started with photography years ago, I have found that continuing my education has been the best thing for me. With each new course or new artist I’m able to mentor with, I am able to learn new-to-me aspects of what makes this business so amazing. Thankfully, photography doesn’t have to be “just business” — it can be something special for you moms and dads to document your little ones, it can be a hobby to capture beautiful landscapes, or just an escape from the mundane! Learning photography has been an amazing journey for me, and I would love to help you along your journey. 

Photography Basics – A very basic course, discussing light as the foundation of photography, where you can draw inspiration for your photography, some basic exposure triangle information, and basic composition rules (one on one mentoring). 

Momtography 101 – If you have a small group or even three or more, let’s get together and review/chat about Photography Basics, and take it a step further by discussing manual mode in detail, learning the settings to nail focus, and do it in a fun, casual group setting (workshop). 

Beginning Photography, as a Business – So. Much. Knowledge. Y’all, I have so much to share with you about business and how I started (and even the pitfalls to avoid!), but beyond that I am able to offer how to shoot in manual, editing in Lightroom, portfolio reviews, organizing your business for success and so much more. Contact me and we can discuss where you are on your journey and how I can best cater to helping you succeed!