Although my work mainly consists of family and children, I am not limited by one specific category of photography. I enjoy all ages, from baby bumps to births and beyond, but I also enjoy nature and landscapes, macro, and freelensing, among others. Initially, my work started mostly as hobby work and landscapes, but I have since grown to love not only client portraiture, but also lifestyle and documentary work. Each “genre” of photography is very different in approach, and though I haven’t “mastered” any of them, I am continually working to achieve the best work I can provide for my creativity and for my clients’ visions. I have taken a long time to study and learn photography, and the more I learn, the more it seems I will always continue to be a student of photography, which I believe is normal in the creative fields. This form of creative expression, for me, is a developing art and passion and as I grow, so will my tastes, skill and techniques. However, despite the varied subjects and techniques, I think my vision is clear in what I want to present through my art. I hope you enjoy what you see. My “Portfolio” is always growing, and is only limited by the space on this website and the time it’s taken to figure out how to get them displayed (computer and technology are not my passions)! For my current work, you can always check my Facebook page, which can be found at www.facebook.com/shelby.l.photography and although I’m not great at it, I do try to keep my blog at least somewhat updated as well! You can find this on the right hand side of the website’s front page, under Recent Posts. 

Click on the link categories below this Portfolio header, and you’ll see some of my client work and vision.