Friday Sisters

When Mom asked if I could photograph these gorgeous teenage daughters of hers, two thoughts ran through my mind…1) SHE HAS TEENAGE DAUGHTERS?!! and 2) Of course I can photograph them! Funny story, but I seriously had NO idea that this gorgeous Mom could have children in their teens! I seriously need her secrets to staying and looking that young!

Back to this session…I love that Mom and her girls had some gorgeous and fun settings ready for me to shoot at, including a beautiful historic church and the girls’ school! Both of these were so much fun, and I think we were able to capture some amazing images of what these girls love to do! All three let me push creative limits and I think (and hope!) that we got some special captures! I love that we went into it not knowing exactly what we were wanting, but that we did want the shoots to be unique. The piano session in the church was something I had not tried before, and I love how they turned out! The softness and the dreamy black and white edits fit perfectly with my vision, and Moms! The cheerleading session was so much fun! Way back in the day, I myself was a cheerleader (gasp!) and I loved it! Of course, I had the generic pictures done, but oh how I wish I had some like these! That, and the skin of this beautiful teen! Seriously, no retouching necessary (for any of these girls!) and their level of photogenic-ness (is that a word?!…no matter, it is now!) is off the charts!

After the individual sessions wrapped up, we had just enough gorgeous golden sunlight to wrap up with some images in an open field! The lighting was absolutely stunning and really let these girls shine their natural beauty in it!

Enjoy these images…they’re some of my favorites! And, really, I rarely get to capture teenagers…and these two were a dream! Makes me look forward to expanding my niche!

The last piano image is a huge favorite of mine! The focus was something different that I played with and the result left me (and Mom!) breathless with her stunning daughter!

Such personality this beauty has! I love the different looks she can drop on a dime…such a model!

The open field images are truly some of my favorite to date…that lighting is so unbelievably perfect! The trees also offered some unique perspective and framing, and I’m so thankful that Mom and the girls let me take advantage of them!

I know, I know…I’m rotten…but I HAD to sneak a few images in with the Momma of these gorgeous girls! You can definitely see their beauty being passed down from Mom!

So blessed…this fantastic lady loved my son, even when he wasn’t one of her students. He lit up every single day that he saw Mrs. Leah, and couldn’t wait to see/hug/talk her ear of each day! So very thankful for her kindness and love…and I think he felt rather loved on this special photo sessions day too! Not every day we can end a session with three gorgeous girls loving him!