My Photography Journey : A Testimonial Share

I have to share something special with you all, and well, it’s not an image. It’s a feeling. It’s a feeling of worth in a world that sometimes wants to tear you down. God definitely moves people to do things and take action on His time, when only He knows when that action will be fully used and appreciated. I came home after my weekend photography retreat to a couple of AMAZING messages and this beautiful review, below. Without knowing it, I NEEDED to hear these things. And, I needed to have God move me to take action to make more connections with Godly people, professionals, and encouragers – those that want to help, both in photography and in life. For those that have been with me, cheering me on during this journey of capturing God’s beauty and special moments, thank you. Your love and encouragement is cherished more than you will ever know

“I love Shelby’s photography- she has great taste, an awesome style & is one of the sweetest people you can work with for your special event. She captured some wonderful, irreplaceable memories for my hubby & I that I couldn’t be more happy with & still count as some of our favorite photos together, even years later. I would recommend her to everyone – she has a very easy manner & is great with both kids & adults.”

– From a sweet friend, whose event I captured was with a kit lens, a non-professional grade camera, and no real editing software. I put my heart, love, and eye for photography and composition in every image, and that she still cherishes those (and still loves them after seeing how I’ve improved over the last couple of years!!) moved me to tears yesterday. THIS is why I will continue on this journey. This is the reminder I needed that people do love and are inspired by my work.