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Well this is a first for me!

Excited to share that one of my images (well, it was a diptych) was featured on the M4H P52 Blog as “Eye Candy!” (http://myfourhensphotography.com/2015/02/09/m4h-p52-week-5-small-eye-candy/)

Yay! And I’m super excited that this was chosen…it’s a very meaningful image, and I feel that one day, it will be looked back upon with great fondness! My sweet 9 year old, and in all the wisdom that being 9 entails, has decided never to get married. There are quite a few reasons for this, but essentially she feels she’s too independent and doesn’t need to have boyfriends. I may or may not be regretting telling her not to date “until she’s 28″…and according to my husband, “until after she’s established a law practice and a medical clinic.” So, naturally, he’s thrilled with the news that she doesn’t want to marry, and no worries…she plans on adopting 10 children! But I digress…so this image came to mind after finding out the theme for the week was [SMALL]. I wanted something small, but meaningful. And what better symbol of the most meaningful “small” there is?! My wedding and engagement rings. Please don’t be confused though – the diamond is PERFECT in size! But the band is in fact,  a 2.5! Below, the image, and what I wrote about this “session.”

More images to come, but I’ll save that for a later post!!

[SMALL] 5/52

The first official symbol of my husband’s and my love for one another. Just a “small” piece symbolizing our love and commitment for one another for the past 13 years. However, it’s the biggest symbol depicting the past we’ve overcome, the present we live, and our future together.

And one day, this small symbol will be hers, should she choose to take it. However, behind her, sitting in my wedding dress with my wedding band and engagement ring on, is a sign that says, “I found my Prince, his name is Daddy”…and she holds true to that at 9 years old and says she’ll never marry. 

*And I should note that the band to my ring is very “small”…they actually got stuck on my 9 year old’s fingers! They’re a size 2.5!