This week’s theme write up was short and sweet! So, a little background might be fun! Our family had planned for a couple of months to go to North Carolina for one of my closest high school best friend’s wedding. Wow, that was a mouthful! Anyways, with us being on the same coast, it was necessary that I do everything possible to be there. So, we drove back up to North Carolina for a weekend (if you’ve been following my blog, we travel up there quite a bit!). Now, the wedding was gorgeous – hmm, I might need to add some pictures – and I’m so happy for my sweet friend and her husband! We were also blessed to stay with one of my best college friends (and my only bridesmaid, many, many years ago!) and her sweet family – again, more pictures needed – but there was something missing. We HAD to do something for my little man’s birthday, which was over spring break the following week. Sooooo…we made a week of it and went to Great Wolf Lodge afterwards.

However…before the fun, we had the very, very long car travels…again. So, here is my “reality” submission…which I love!


The reality of getting to the destination of a mini family vacation…from a child’s perspective.