M4H P52 [MUSE] 

Capturing God’s creation and my littles…they are my driving forces in all I do, and I couldn’t do any of it without Jesus!! 

I hadn’t actually “planned” a session with these two, but the opportunity presented itself while I was out doing a friend’s session at a gorgeous plantation-type home in Alabama. Having done a session there before, and talked about how gracious and lovely the owners are, my children wanted to tag along and come to the session, and it just so happened that they were given a day off of school. They were SO good during my session, and then they were thrilled to meet the owner and get a grand tour of the home! They were so excited and I’m glad that they finally had a chance to come! Before leaving the home, I had a few spare minutes to get a couple images of my little muses together, and the image with the cross…it wasn’t posed. I asked them to walk towards it, but they gave me so much more. I love the feeling I get from it!

Ilove the soft black and white images, but I also enjoyed creating the matte-style images…I could play all day with editing!

This diptych is the image that I submitted…the ones below it are the ones I considered submitting. Love these kiddos more than anything!