There are so many things that come to mind when I hear the word “shining”…and although this isn’t the “typical” idea, I couldn’t help but share this image! It was taken during our family mini-vacation to North Carolina. We were there because of a best friend from high school’s wedding, but since my little guy’s 5th Birthday was just two days later, we decided to head to Great Wolf Lodge in Charlotte – which is AMAZING!!! – and we celebrated my handsome man’s birthday there. I don’t think he minded too much…but what do you think?

*Mommy Moment…he’s the cutest thing. EVER.


Few things shine more brightly than one of the sweetest 5 year old boys on his birthday…at Great Wolf Lodge…after a delivery of milk and cookies from the characters. He was beaming, and the shining in his eyes captures his emotion perfectly!