M4H P52 : Week 14 [Eye Candy Link]

I’m still “grieving” over this image, or at least what it represents. It was so hard to witness and to capture “that moment.” I always dreaded it, but I had no idea how deep it would be, nor did I ever think I’d be able to look back on it so vividly. My beautiful baby girl…is officially growing up. I never thought that this realization would be so very difficult for her, but I guess as a parent, I should have known better. We’ve been discussing “lying” among many other normal (I HOPE!!) childhood issues, and of course…now I’ve been lying her whole life. NEVER did it occur to me it would be like that for her. In my mind, we’ve tried SO HARD to do everything so perfectly as parents. And although I’ve known it was on the brink for…a while…I’m still upset that it’s over candy. The wrong candy was used…Mommy bought the same candy as the Easter Bunny…fail. Major Mom Fail. The irony is that I stayed up until 1:30 am, trying SO HARD to perfect every detail. Easter was hard this year!

**The good news is that, after actually sitting down with her on a Mommy-Daughter Date, she not only understood but is more than willing to continue the efforts of keeping the magic and spirit of believing up for her little brother. I think she understand a bit better, but I can’t say it was easy to discuss with her…my little lady instead of my baby girl.

I processed this image with a higher contrasting black and white than I usually do. I typically prefer soft, gray scale tones…but this image called for dramatic. If there’s one good thing from this image (okay, I know there are a lot, but it’s still hard!!) it’s that it was chosen by Sarah at My Four Hens Photography as Eye Candy, and that does make me happy, as I do love the image itself. It’s different than my usual work, but it moves me for sure.


M4H P52 [Black &White]

It breaks my heart to post this Black & White image. This one moment in time captures innocence lost to reality. This. This is the moment when I knew and could see that my little girl stopped believing. To her, the reality is black and white…Mommy lied to her, and those things she believed in are no longer. The moment I took it, I knew.