Montgomery | Alabama | Family Photographer

M4H P52 : Week 16 [RED]

Hehehe…one of my favorites!! Anything having to do with this handsome little guy…that I’m just a little biased about…is wonderful!! He’s my little guy, so pure of heart and just wonderful! I was so nervous about having “boys”…I had heard all of the Mommy loving and sweetness that they give us, but I didn’t know how good it really was! He’s my Super Hero for sure. This is one of his favorite things to do right now (and for the last couple of years) – EVERY.SINGLE.TIME we pass by flowers, I’m sure to get one!!

The superhero always wins the girl’s heart…especially with gorgeous red roses and that super hero smile! 

The first image is my actual submission…the others are just ones I had to play with!

For this image, I decided to try to make the entire background white…I am please! Learning new stuff each and every day!

I also submitted a second [RED] choice, but it doesn’t nearly compare to my handsome hero! No special blurb…it pretty much speaks for itself, but check out that rainbow flare!! I think that’s a first form me. I use reverse free lens macro for this…so we got some cool light let in!