Pastel. Hmm. This is one of those themes that I wasn’t quite sure what to do. I love taking pictures of flowers and sunsets…but I knew the other submissions for M4H P52 would likely be similar. And of course, pastel candies, since Easter will be coming up soon…I just wanted something…different. And I love this project because it “reminds” me to take pictures that are important to me…so, my kids of course came in to mind, but I don’t really have babies anymore, and pastels were never really their thing. I had this image in my head of Caroline drawing a pretty pastel picture, but that’s really not her thing either (though one day…maybe!).

So, on the last day of submissions, I decided that despite the gloomy day, I would try for an indoor image of some flowers that are symbolic to me, but with a special Shelby Leigh twist…I added my “marrieds,” which is what my husband and I call our wedding rings! And when I finished shooting the images, I hoped for one great one, but it turns out I got a couple of different looks, some reverse macro, and all overexposed. But I LOVE THEM! I might actually wind up printing one to decorate with! My rings are turning out to be pretty popular in my photography!

M4H P52
[PASTEL] 7/52

This beautiful, vibrant yet soft color of orchids sits in our bathroom counter. Our bedroom and bathroom have (or one day will have!) the theme from our St. Lucia 10 Year Anniversary “Honeymoon/Renewal of Our Vows” and my husband picked out all the details, including this gorgeous color for my flowers. Last year I found these fake orchids, and knew they’d give the bathroom the splash of color it was missing, since our flowers from the renewal didn’t make their way home. But I look at them as a daily reminder of the vows we said, twice, and that I am blessed with an amazing husband and family!