Quite possibly one of my most special and touching entries to M4H. I was actually a little sad to see that this was not chosen as Eye Candy! Sigh…can’t win ’em all, but this one touches me on so many levels. My post is below…let me know what you think. Even now, though it’s been a few weeks since I’ve really looked at it, it still moves me. Everything about the shape of her new ‘do, her beautiful almond eyes, and her vision of shaping the future of others. Love it…and OH THOSE LIPS!

M4H P52

[SHAPES] 9/52

In this image, I see various shapes, including circles, triangles, the gorgeous almond shape of her eyes and full lips, but most of all, the change in hair shape. And though the shape of her hair changed very drastically for a new outward appearance, what you can’t see is that the shape and size of her heart continues to grow.

Twelve inches isn’t much to her, because she knows what a mere 12 inches can do for someone else. She had the stylist take off as much as she could, just as she did with her first donation two years ago – she didn’t let the stylist take off only 8 inches. As a child who has struggled with trichotillomania, she knows the beauty in donating hair, and how it can shape the life and world view of a child. And for that lesson learned at such a young age, I am thankful.