Photographer Friday…and my Birthday Month?! And my Bestie’s Birthday Month?
That’s a lot of goodness that we are celebrating!

March is such an amazing month – and not just because I was born in it! When I look around and see the beauty of God’s Creation in this beautiful state of renewal, I’m in awe! The greens start popping, the flowers start blooming, and the daylight starts to last just a little bit longer each day.

With the warmth and sunshine that each day brings, the spring days offer a chance for so many of us to be outdoors, enjoying time together. One way that many of us do that is by having a Spring Photo Session! In the DMV (DC, Maryland, Virginia) region, we look forward to the season of Cherry Blossoms for this very reason! Okay, it’s not a season, but people are absolutely in love with these pale, blush pink flowers. They are gorgeous. While there are quite a few places in the DMV to find the beautiful blooms, including here in Haymarket, Virginia, the most iconic location for pictures is Washington DC’s Tidal Basin. The Japanese Yoshino Cherry Trees line the Basin, and the pale pink and white petals make a gorgeous backdrop for pictures. These sessions start selling out as early as January for many local and well-known photographers!

Honestly, while many of us locals take for granted the beauty of the Tidal Basin Cherry Trees, tourists from around the world flock to the National Cherry Blossom Festival – which offers various events each year from about mid-March through mid-April. I encourage you to visit the website: for more information.

Last week, to check things out a bit, my favorite photographer bestie, Amanda, with www.thatstilllife and I went on a stroll through some of the beautiful early blooms of the DC Metro. Our favorite Cherry Blossom early bloom spot was at the Congressional Cemetery. I know – sounds weird – but truly, it’s a gorgeous location and to top things off, you can see so much history and beauty, all while allowing your dog to run free! How fun is that?! We also went by the US Capitol for a few minutes, and I was able to do a quick pass by Tidal Basin. For our March 3rd Photographer Friday, I thought I’d share some images of one of my favorites, and myself among the blossoms! Here’s a little peek of the beauty and some headshots that we took!

Cherry Blossom Headshots