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Happiest of Birthdays to my dear friend, Amanda Williams! This woman right here has a heart of pure gold, willing to go above and beyond to help everyone out.

Located in Woodbridge, Virginia, ThatStillLife Photography, LLC has a passion for capturing all things beauty – from the connection and love of a family, to the graduating senior, stepping in to a new chapter, to the humble beginnings of starting a business and the branding that goes with it and so much more.

ThatStillLife Photography, LLC
Amanda Williams

A Friendship Blossoms…2017

Amanda and I started our friendship in Oklahoma City, where our husbands – who are close friends both serving in the military – decided we should meet in January 2017. We met at Zio’s and I remember how fabulous and gorgeous she was, but also how kind. I didn’t know it then, but she’d eventually become one of my biggest supporters. A fast and enduring forever friendship bloomed, and our love for photography was apparent! Amanda is one of my Beauty Revived candidates who I was fortunate enough to photograph and write about for the 50 Beautiful Mothers (May 2017 Issue 9) Magazine. Writing about her many accomplishments came easy, and photographing her natural beauty was even easier! She has this ease about her, and she brings her effervescent spirit with her wherever she goes – you cannot be in a bad mood around her as she will always lift you up.

We got to know each other very well over the next…like 4 months…and clearly over the next several years! I started photographing various sessions, including Maternity and in June, she welcomed a sweet baby girl in to her family. I was blessed to document her Birth Story – which I could and should do an entire blog post about – and captured that special once in a lifetime moment for her and her husband, who was still at Weapons School. What a blessing – to me! I was able to be there with now one of my best friends as she delivered her miracle baby, in a time that she truly needed a ton of love and support.

A Passion for Photography…2018

Since then, I think I’ve photographed nearly every type of session possible with Amanda! After collaborating on several ideas and session types together, she became my Assistant and Creative Marketing Director! There isn’t anything Amanda cannot do. She also pulled me out of my introverted shell, encouraged a more active role in social media and videos, and was there for me through so many of my photography sessions and overall journey. Eventually we discuss her interested in photography, and she became a student that I was able to mentor! Again, this blessed me as I could share my knowledge and passion with someone who truly loves photography.

Needless to say, I was pretty devastated when I either thought I…or she…would have to move to Virginia/DC/DMV. It’s complicated. But eventually, it was Amanda who moved first…and a few short months later, I joined her in Northern Virginia! She was the first person to greet me and my children at our new Haymarket home – complete with tacos in hand. Since then, I have watched Amanda’s passion for photography grow, her knowledge of business expand, and her motivation increase, and I have loved every second!

Why am I sharing all of this? The reason is two/three-fold! One, it’s my bestie’s Birthday, and quite honestly, I don’t have a gift yet {face palm}. Thank goodness, she knows me well and loves me anyways, gift or no gift. She deserves the world, and while I can’t give her that, I can absolutely share her love with the world! Also, I believe in a world full of #communityovercompetition. Yes, we both work in NoVa. Yes, we both have similar styles (I mean…it makes sense!). Yes, we are technically competition. But y’all it does not have to be that way! There is truly enough out there for both of us, and so many more. We each have a unique vision and style. We each have our own perspectives and angles. We each have different costs of doing business and different investment plans. While there are a ton of photographers out there, I will always support my friends and wish them success in all they do. And also – kindness!! Kindness is everything. Amanda has been so kind, loving, encouraging, caring…I haven’t even gotten in to what she’s done for my children! …there needs to be more Amandas in the world.

But find your own. I’m selfish – she’s mine! Just kidding – mostly 🙂

Enjoy some of these images over the years of one of the loveliest humans in the world. Truly, to know her is to know love and generosity.