Photography: More Than Pictures…My Passion

I’m quite certain that my first official blog post is beyond long overdue. I’ve had this amazing website up since February, and since then (more off than on, of course), I’ve been thinking of a topic that would be most appealing, most helpful, most meaningful…and tonight I’ve finally decided to take the plunge and write what matters most to me. This idea of “photography”…why did I choose this? Or, rather, did it choose me? What do I intend to have happen with this website, with my images, with my photography? I hope this post will not only answer these questions and more, but will also give some insight into who I am, and my true “why” for my photography.

If you’ve known me for any real length of time, you’ll know that I have had a longing to find a talent. Some talent…ANY talent. I strongly believed that for around 30 years, I was truly just an unlucky person who wasn’t blessed with a talent. I can’t sing. Trust me on this, you don’t want me to try, not even karaoke. I can’t dance. I’m not artsy…not in the crafty way; I don’t scrapbook or make Pinterst Projects for fun. I used to enjoy cheerleading and thought I did okay with that for a while, but there again, add in the dancing and it wasn’t meant to be. Anyways, fast forward to having my first child in 2006. I’ve always been fascinated with capturing memories, but when I had my precious daughter, something changed and I really wanted to capture every moment. Every.Single.Moment. Now, I wasn’t necessarily “good” at angles and lighting and technical photography terms based on professional guidelines, but I could capture images that were important. For all of our “professional” images…we paid big time for them, and we paid several times a year, for various occasions, and we saw the very definition of “professional” photographers. Please don’t mistake these “professionals” for people who take pictures at Sears, Target, JC Penney (though we did use each of these a few times)…I’m sure that would be quite an insult to these wonderful ladies. The photographers we saw were women with certifications and/or degrees…those with specializations, if you will, in their craft. They were absolutely worth what was charged – they were gifted. Of course, I didn’t really “know” at the time how much they were worth, but being on this side, now I know.

Back to finding my talent. So there I was with a baby and quickly growing up little girl, and like all parents of littles, we had birthday parties. Not just hers…but ALL of her friends’ parties. As a way to try to help my friends, I would take pictures of the parties. I would capture the cake that may have been forgotten, the guests, the activities…all this so that Mom and Dad could focus on what was important: their little and the birthday they were celebrating. Eventually, I was labeled the photographer at parties and other events for groups that I was in. And then, we moved to Utah. Oh beautiful Utah. We lived about a mile from The Great Salt Lake and within 10 miles of the mountain bases. I haven’t been everywhere in the world, but I can attest to the fact that Utah has to be one of the most beautiful places on earth. Each of the four seasons were distinguished with corresponding beauty, and I couldn’t get enough. I started photographing landscapes and after a few volunteer sessions with various groups, I was asked to capture family sessions!! Dear God…thank you…I found a talent!! One that others could see in me, and more importantly, one I could see in myself.

Now that I found this talent, what would I do with it? The easy answer: I want to capture memories that you will cherish. I want to capture the details in the wrinkled skin of a precious newborn. I want to capture the first teeth that your baby will show when he or she smiles. I want to capture natural hugs and hand-holding with a newly engaged couple, and the lifetime of smiles in a family session. Even the wrinkled smiles in a couple that has been married for 40+ years. Kisses. I LOVE kisses. I want these brief moments of time to be cherished for generations, especially in a time of technology where iPhone and iPad captures are considered all the photography one needs…I want to show you that photography is so much more meaningful than a digital image to share on Facebook.

What can distinguish me from other photographers in the area…wherever this area might be, since we are an on-the-move military family? With photographers being about a dime a dozen in any given place in the US, why would you want to choose me? Especially since I do not consider myself “professional.” Remember, I don’t have degrees or certifications or years stored up in the practice of photography…I have a passion, and I will continue to be a student of photography as long as I can! Choose me based on what you see. When you look at my images, do they speak to you? Is there an emotion captured? Details…can you see the details that I work on both in camera and in post-processing? Choose me based on knowing that I will put 110% into your images. I have yet to have a dissatisfied client, but when that happens (because let’s be honest, in this world, it’s likely inevitable), know that I will do my best to rectify the problem so that my client is satisfied and I know I’m not being taken advantage of, as I know this does happen. Choose me because I want to offer you images that are unique…ones that show you and your family style. My family is my world, and the details captured for us to cherish mean the world to me, and I hope to do this for you one day. This is more than a job for me. This is my passion.