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I’m not sure how everyone can keep up so well with technology these days! Between Facebook, Instagram, Flickr, Pinterest, Twitter, and other numerous forms of social media, I get crazed trying to keep up with it all! Since I rather focus on photographing your family and enhancing your pictures rather than keeping up with the crazy world of social media, I’ll be limiting what applications I use.

This blog has just started its journey into capturing my thoughts, quotes and pictures, but fear not if your session isn’t on it! Facebook is the easiest social medium for me to keep up with and maintain – possibly because it’s most familiar to me! I’ll likely get things in the works for Instagram, Flickr and Pinterest too, but again, it’ll be a learning process!

**If you don’t want to be on social media or in my advertising, please let me know in advance of your session, otherwise, I may choose your photograph to display in my portfolio, online or in print!**