Law Enforcement Mini Session – Spivey Family 2016

What an honor!

Thanks to an amazing new photographer friend, Emiley of Studio802, I have had an awesome opportunity to help our community out by volunteering my services to aid in the effort to recognize those who so selflessly serve our city by protecting its citizens. Emiley helped to start a movement for photographers to offer free sessions to our Law Enforcement Officers and their families. What a beautiful heart she has…and I was so excited to get so many referrals from her to do these! As a new photographer in this local area, this has been an amazing boost to my confidence in rebuilding in Oklahoma City! I LOVED where I was at in Montgomery, AL with my business, but I am so thankful to not feel alone here, and a huge part of that is because of Emiley’s heart.

My very first Oklahoma City family…on a solo session, and not with our HOF Oklahoma City Photographers group…and this family knocked it out of the park! What a high bar they set…and I am so excited about it! Right off the bat, they were so friendly and easy to work with, and best of all…they were FUN! No fake smiles or awkward moments…maybe just a few that made me giggle, but just inspired me to truly capture them as they are…with tons of love and laughter! I wish I could do so much more for those who keep us safe and protect us day in and day out, but I hope capturing these moments and memories for them to always cherish is a start. That, along with a lot of prayers for daily safety and protection over their loved ones…I hope you all join me in this.

Thank you, Officer Spivey for ALL that you and your family do!

So much love…and so much FUN!

What’s a photo session these days without a little Pokemon?!

I adore these two images…so.much!


This was hilarious!!! #notstagedatall #Iswear!

Such a beautiful family…thank you…

You can also catch the video of their images here under videos.