{D} Family : Maternity Session – Twins!

I am going to let this beautiful maternity session speak for itself…the only regret that I have is that I haven’t posted this amazing photo session sooner! It’s been in my Drafts folder for so long, but today’s the day to share this with the world! I can’t believe it’s been nearly a year (about 11 months since we were both back in Montgomery at this maternity session), but I’m actually excited to share since I truly want my focus to be on maternity, birth and newborn one day, and that’s a perfect way to share with my local followers here in Oklahoma City!

I am so thankful that this Mom & Dad trusted me to do both the Maternity and Newborn sessions of these sweet and beautiful twins! I cannot think of anything more beautiful than photographing these precious moments! Clearly, I had a difficult time choosing a few images…all of them are so, so beautiful!

I haven’t officially posted it yet, but when it’s published, you can find their newborn session HERE

She is stunning…the epitome of a glowing Mom, in love with her babies.

DaSilva Maternity-1

DaSilva Maternity-2
DaSilva Maternity-3
DaSilva Maternity-4

Such a special and beautiful family connection…I loved every moment of this session. Truly.
DaSilva Maternity-5

I love when my clients incorporate personal items that are special to them in our sessions.
DaSilva Maternity-6
DaSilva Maternity-7

I am always a happy photographer when I get moments like this, in addition to a gorgeous, natural sun flare! Makes my photographer heart happy!
DaSilva Maternity-8
DaSilva Maternity-9

This family is so excited to welcome their sweet new babies, and look at Big Brother!
DaSilva Maternity-10

If you’ve ever had a session with me…you know you have to be prepared to kiss at least a couple times!
DaSilva Maternity-11
DaSilva Maternity-12

I adore this moment…
DaSilva Maternity-13
DaSilva Maternity-14

Absolutely precious! 
DaSilva Maternity-15

I love everything about this!!!
DaSilva Maternity-16
DaSilva Maternity-17
DaSilva Maternity-18
DaSilva Maternity-19
DaSilva Maternity-20

I can hardly wait to share the newborn session with you all! I’ll leave you with with this stunning moment…and hope to get those babies up linked here soon as well.
DaSilva Maternity-21

To my GORGEOUS client and her family…THANK YOU!!! I am so thankful you took a chance with me to capture these moments!

Kitzke Maternity

Kitzke Maternity

Wow! What a gorgeous session with a Mommy who makes pregnancy look amazing!! I am so honored that this sweet couple contacted me to do their maternity pictures. We had a few possible bumps to overcome with “iffy” weather, but we stuck it out, showed up a little earlier than intended and captured some amazing and beautiful moments of this couple before Baby Boy arrives. I often shoot over at The Waters, and this particular evening did not disappoint. Some families worry about it being cloudy or overcast, but trust your photographer like this couple did! I love it when it’s overcast…no squinty eyes, and usually the clouds cooperate for some beautiful shots as well! And I won’t lie…sometimes when I know the evening will be just right for pictures…I really want to run out and capture a family even if it’s not scheduled! We timed this perfectly too…we finished up right before it started to rain again!

I love how casual and easy-going this couple is, and am glad that they had visions for their images…with flexibility for what would work best for them. I definitely think that’s key to fabulous images! I don’t mind at all being shown Pinterest images and talking out ideas for poses; in fact, I like knowing the expectations to a degree before getting there as I would hate to disappoint if a client was looking for things that I do not do! But I always remind my clients to have flexibility and remember that they won’t look like the images, which is fantastic in this case because these images turned out so much better! Another important thing to remember is to be yourselves, and try to forget that I’m there. Natural looks good on everyone, and most people don’t pull off “posed” looks as seamlessly. This is from personal experience too!  Thankfully this couple did both very well…but I have to admit, some of their sweet candids and and looks to each other made me melt!

And note to all husbands…show up, wear what your wife suggests, and cooperate…it’s SO much easier! This husband was a model husband for this session, just in case you couldn’t tell! He did so well that even I was impressed!

Lifting prayers for a smooth remainder of the pregnancy, and for a quick, easy delivery and recovery! I can hardly wait to meet precious Diego, and capture you as a family of three!

Below are some of my favorite images from this lovely session…enjoy!!


Gileanne collage-1! Gileanne blog SLP-2 Gileanne Blog-1 Gileanne Blog-2 Gileanne Blog-4 Gileanne Blog-5 Gileanne Blog-6 Gileanne Blog-7 Gileanne Blog-9 Gileanne Blog-10  Gileanne Blog-12

Gileanne blog SLP-1

And…the packaging!! I love packing up my clients’ gorgeous prints for them to open! It’s like Christmas for me and for them!

Gileanne Packaging-1

Captivating Radiance Feature

Captivating Radiance Feature



                            It occurred to me recently, that as my children took the summer off of school…Mommy decided (unknowingly) to take a vacation from blogging! I have been working and doing sessions and client galleries, as well as keeping up with photography group challenges and themes…but blogging took a back seat! And fantastic news…I’ll have a few additions to my Challenge Features and Wins to share with you!

The good news is that I have some amazing updates! This first one was an honor – I was chosen as a Friday Session Feature over at Captivating Radiance! I haven’t had a regular session feature in any groups, and I was so thrilled to be asked since I’ve had a couple sessions that I knew would be perfect, and this one especially tugged at my heart! It’s long since been a favorite, and it actually may be one of the last I blogged about. In any case, the feature is in the link below, and I invite you to go check it out, especially if you are a potential client looking for a maternity session.


Blog Board SLP-20

Maternity : Mommy & Baby “A”

Shelby Leigh Photography | Montgomery, AL | Maternity Photographer

One of my favorites to date, and for so many reasons! When this gorgeous Mommy inquired about a one-on-one maternity session, and we thoroughly discussed her vision, I can’t lie – I was thrilled!! She let me know that we still had a couple months, and I love how prepared and together she was with her vision and her taste! She sent me images of her maternity gown…heavenly!! It’s so beautiful, and even more beautiful on this gorgeous pregnant Mommy! I had wanted to do a styled maternity session like this for some time, and just talking over her expectations and seeing some of the images she had in mind made me giddy!! The time came for our photography session, and although it was a little chilly, she braved it well, and we captured some AMAZING images, of Mommy and daughter, wild and free, and full of love.

I was also super excited to have my friend and photographer colleague with me to capture some of these sweet images too! I wanted to make sure I had enough hands on deck to work with the gown and angles, but thankfully I had it covered for the most part and Becky was able to add some image to her already amazing portfolio as well! I think it’s safe to say that we all had a blast, and the images…they are the perfect way to capture this moment in this sweet family’s life. It definitely needed a little extra pink, a military family with two boys…Baby A was welcomed with open arms, and added a touch of pink to everyone’s lives!

There are so many stunning images to share… I loved making this collage to capture this maternity session with a few of the images that Mommy loves!

Blog Board SLP-20



Seriously, could she be more stunning?!!!

Aly Diptych


“Her children arise up and call her blessed, her husband also, and he praiseth her.” Proverbs 31:28
This one might be my new Mother’s Day favorite!!! Such a perfect and beautiful depiction of Motherhood!!

Aly Scripture SLP

Mommy holding up the letter “A”…for precious Azalea. LOVE.


My sweet friend, Becky, from Capturing Life Photography came with me as an assistant/second shooter, and we had a fantastic time!! Loved capturing her in action!

Becky SLP-51




The hair…the sweet looking down. Gah! Love!

Aly Paslay - SLP-10


She seriously makes pregnancy look as beautiful as it is! I was not nearly this stunning, so um, yeah, I might be a little jealous that she make it look so beautiful and easy!

Aly Paslay - SLP-12


This.Image!!! I don’t know what it is, but it knowing Aly now and the amazing mother she is…it just seems so laid back to me. The whole interpretation of this moment…expecting a third baby, and she’s so gorgeous and chill about it! I love it!

Aly Paslay - SLP-13


LOVE that Aly let me play a little longer than the quoted time…had to catch a perfect silhouette image!

Aly Paslay - SLP-15

It’s Almost Time : Preston Maternity Session at The Waters

By far, when clients come to me, location is one of the first things discussed. Many have viewed the images that I’ve already taken, and though none of my clients need or want a replica of another family or client’s session or poses, beauty is something that everyone wants to be captured. The Waters in Pike Road, Alabama has it! The gorgeous setting has a bit of something for everyone, and everyone’s images are still unique and fun, and rolling off of my previous post, scream “Alabama!”  After agreeing to a maternity session, my friend and I discussed the location. She told me what she was looking for and I let her know of all that The Waters has to offer, and she loved how it sounded…and now she has a little piece of Alabama to keep with her, even when they move. And I’m pretty sure she’s going to miss it!

This session in all its beauty truly makes me happy! I am very thankful to have had the opportunity to capture the images of this gorgeous Mommy, her sweet baby bump, Daddy, and of course a couple adorable fur babies! It wasn’t without a little bit of convincing, however. Being a mother of two littles, and having had maternity pictures taken both times, there are few things that hit me emotionally as when I look back on that time. Now, trust me, my pregnancies weren’t easy by any means, but that being said, I’ve heard that you often remember the good and forget the bad! Remember the good…the great…the beautiful. I was carrying a precious life with me, to nurture and love and one day meet, and nothing compares to that feeling, except maybe meeting them for the first time. So, I knew I had to give my friend a nudge. I let her know that if there was any piece of her that thought she might regret not having them done, she should have at least a couple pictures taken. After some thought, the Prestons let me capture these moments; both Mommy and Daddy love these images and that makes my heart so happy! They get to cherish this precious time, some of the last moments of this first pregnancy while in beautiful Alabama, forever!


SLP Preston-1 SLP Preston-2 SLP Preston-3 SLP Preston-5 SLP Preston-6