A Sweet Family Reunion – Military Life

A Sweet Family Reunion – Military Life

I’ve said it time and again, but I am blessed with the best clients! This particular family is no exception! I’ve been fortunate enough to be able to capture two family sessions, and I am so very thankful! You can see their first family session from 2014 here…Cummins Cotton Field Session.  You don’t want to miss it…it was a beautiful Southern Cotton Field Session! And in just one short year, look at how much their handsome little guy has grown! With two littles of my own, I can attest to how much they change before your eyes, so blink (or don’t take pictures to capture the changes) and you can miss so much!

Well, for this family, these sessions have been particularly special…this handsome Daddy had been away from his loves for way too long, and thankfully we were able to schedule this right away so we could get the pictures taken when he got home! Moments like these are so, so special, and I know that looking back on these captures means the world to military families, and hopefully all families. We surely don’t want to take the times our family is together for granted! Oh, and for anyone wondering…this beautiful location is over in Pike Road, at The Waters.

Isn’t he the cutest with those stunning eyes (and handsome grin?!)

Cummins Websize SLP-1

And then we have these two love birds…they really are the sweetest!!
Cummins Websize SLP-2 Cummins Websize SLP-3
A couple extra family captures…I really try to make sure we have a good set to choose from!
Cummins Websize SLP-4 Cummins Websize SLP-6

More Cuteness..
Cummins Websize SLP-7  Cummins Websize SLP-10

An amazing family…and they’re ridiculously photogenic. Photographer’s dream!

Cummins Websize SLP-9  Cummins Websize SLP-11

Cummins Websize SLP-5

This capture above is an updated head shot we decided to take while we were out there! You never know when you’ll need a new one! And, thanks to this lovely lady, I was blessed by a huge set of referrals from our local yoga studio, Yoga Gem! I can’t thank her enough for the amazing referrals and the chance to meet some awesome new clients!

Ending this post with this handsome little man’s smile…he just makes me happy!

Cummins Websize SLP-8


Thank you so much, sweet friend for letting me capture your amazing family again this year!! I will be so sad next year when we aren’t together! You’d better keep in touch!


By He{Art} – Inspirational Artist of the Week

By He{Art} – Inspirational Artist of the Week







I hope everyone is enjoying this likely {cold & snowy??} weekend! We wanted to take a moment to say thank you to everyone who joined By He{art} yesterday for our Fun Friday Inspiration post! Not only did we find some inspirational artists that had not been introduced to By He{art} yet, but we also decided we HAVE to recognize an amazing, talented, and inspirational artist who not only participated and named artists, but was also chosen by so many!!

Here are just a * few* words about Lindsey:

“You are THE ray of sunshine in this photography community!!!” – Nikki Smith

“Not only are her photos beautiful, her memories perfectly captured…but she is one of the KINDEST, SWEETEST people in the whole world. There aren’t enough “Lindsey’s” out there these days.” –Tammy Scirrotto

“She’s so kind. She has the warmest heart and is beautiful inside and out. She is quick to help others and encourage.” – Jennye Austin

If you haven’t started following Lindsey Bramlett of Lindsey Bramlett Photography, please, please head over there….right now! You will see that her images show a passion for light, use of shadows, special and every day moments…and her daughter. Her beautiful daughter is her heart, and you can see so much love in each frame. Coupled with gorgeous beach landscapes, it makes you wonder if there isn’t anything Lindsey doesn’t do wonderfully!

You’ll gain inspiration not only from Lindsey’s gorgeous images but also from her sweet heart. Always an inspiration to all of us in the photography community (and certainly everyone she comes into contact with!) her kindness shines, and she’ll encourage and uplift you daily. These are the tributes of a By He{artist}!! We are so thankful that this community is growing, and that y’all are helping to inspire and encourage others in the photography community….now head over to Lindsey’s page, send her lots of love, and this coming week…aspire to be a “Lindsey” and show love and kindness in all you do!

Oh, and since I started this post two weeks ago, I think, I also wanted to share that Lindsey has started a couple Facebook pages which definitely need a wider audience! The first is Focus on the Good, in which Lindsey shares articles, posts, images she and other photographers have taken…all to show the positive in the world, which, let’s be honest, we all need more focus on! The second, and her newest is Ray of Sunshine! Both are so, so perfect for representing what Lindsey is about! Ray of Sunshine is to help inspire and encourage photographers, without the fear of being put down or criticized. Photographers of all levels are encouraged to come and share – not for challenges or themes, but rather to help be a Ray of Sunshine to others!

Below are just a *few* images that Lindsey has inspired me personally with! Amazing talent in heart in this young lady!