Lightroom or Photoshop…or, Both

Y’all! I am so, so excited!

For a while now, I’ve been using Lightroom as my primary editing software. I’ll probably still use it more frequently than PS, but I decided to try a couple things to help me use BOTH editing software tools more effectively and more efficiently. I am so eager to try them both out. Actually, I’m a little terrified to try the Photoshop part, but we all start somewhere.

For anyone wondering where I decided to get my photo editing software, look no further than! Through Amazon, I purchased the $9.99 Adobe Creative Cloud monthly plan (that I think comes to $10.79 with tax) and have been very satisfied with it. Thanks to an awesome photographer friend in Utah, I was introduced initially to Lightroom 2…then I got Lightroom 4 and then Lightroom 5. Needless to say, I think just getting the automatically updating Creative Cloud plan was probably a better way to go! And to be honest, my husband was the one who finally gave me that push I needed and started purchasing the LRs for me…each time they came out with a new version! Silly man, but I love him!

Why did I choose Lightroom? Well, I had Photoshop Elements 8 for years. I could not figure it out! It just wasn’t intuitive for me…I still don’t understand masking and layers! But Lightroom…ahhhh…the ease. I played with Lightroom for less than 10 minutes and was sold on how easy it was to use. Of course, I’ve come a LONG way since then, and understand it so much more than before. But everything was just intuitive with it.

Now, for my new Lightroom toy…although I’m fairly handy with using the screen and mouse, I’m not as good with the shortcut commands. Well, I’ve decided it’s time to change that. What better way to learn quickly than with this awesome Adobe Lightroom Shortcuts Keyboard Skin?!  I’ll let you know how it goes as I’m pretty set in my ways! But just looking it over, I think it will help me reorganize my images and help smooth over my workflow. We shall see…but, here’s a quick visual in case you are interested as well!


Now. Photoshop! I think it’ll be a lot easier to use the Photoshop version since I’m not already proficient with it, so the shortcuts will hopefully be easier to learn this way.
PS Silicone Keyboard Cover Keyboard Skin Protection

I’m hoping these will give me some incentive to try new editing techniques, especially with Photoshop.

Do you have any specific editing tools that you love? Or something that helps ease your workflow?

Halloween – SLP Style

So, yes, it’s 6 months late…but, this was us on Halloween.

And, the woes of being photographer…I’m FINALLY getting around to doing something with my family’s images!

My friend Becky McCandless of Capturing Life Photography was kind enough to come out (before a hot date!) and capture some of these fun moments for my family! So, so thankful she did…we had a blast! And…if I HAD to let my husband get a motorcycle, I had to make him put it to good use as a prop!


October 2015 - Top Gun Family Shoot-21

{F} Family – Fall 2015

{F} Family – Fall 2015

Have you ever sat there and really anticipated something? I have. A lot…and this session was one of those things! This sweet Mommy had gotten in touch with me after seeing another client’s session and I am so thankful that she did! Unfortunately, it was not an easy (or quick) session to schedule (life happens, and I totally get it!), but when it was finally set, it was awesome! And can you believe it…this little guy wasn’t feeling very well during the session, but he did such a wonderful job. Look at those smiles!

This is one of those sessions that I can use over and over again as an example of letting things roll, letting kids be kids, and trusting your photographer! Oh, and it’s totally a session I’ll use for outfit coordination…look at those matching colors and that pop, even amidst the beautiful fall leaves! We had a vision for this session, and I think it turned out even better than we could have hoped for, and I’m so thankful that Mom and Dad love the images as well (as did their cat, since apparently the picture package was a new place to lay!). I’ll take the win!

Enjoy this session, the fun, the smiles… and the beautiful fall leaves! Remember, no matter what is going on in session…have fun! Your kids will enjoy it so much more if you are enjoying it too…this Mom and Dad nailed it with their ease and comfort, and their baby boy {A} fed off of their joy. These are the sessions that are the most “real” and the moments you’ll want to have captured.

What. A. CUTIE!! I can’t even lie…when I saw this handsome little guy with that amazing smile (and those eyes!)…heart.melt! 
Fields Websize-1
Fields Websize-2

Seriously…he knows he’s a little cutie pie!

Fields Websize-3 Fields Websize-4

Not every picture can be “posed” with little ones…go with the flow and enjoy watching them run around. Those are often the favorite images!

Fields Websize-5 Fields Websize-6 Fields Websize-12


Oh this boy! Mommy had told me that Baby {A} (yes, since my little guy is nearly 6 and is my baby, this one can be too!) had pictures taken with this football when he was a newborn, so we needed to try to capture it in there. No problem. He nailed it! I only wish I was going to be permanently here to capture more of these images of him holding it.

Fields Websize-7 Fields Websize-8 Fields Websize-9

Such fun! Our little guy got of of the picture taking groove…so, playing with leaves offered an awesome (and realistic) break…and he didn’t know the difference!

Fields Websize-10 Fields Websize-11

Just another moment to lay with Mommy…I wish I had some professional captures like this!

Fields Websize-13

Mom and Dad individually with the kids. They’re a must!

Fields Websize-14 Fields Websize-15

I couldn’t bear to do just Daddy with the silhouette…so Mommy got one too!

Fields Websize-17 Fields Websize-18

Look at those colors!! Perfect depiction of an Alabama fall session. I LOVE this location!

Fields Websize-19 Fields Websize-20

And, one more…I’m always a sucker for black and whites. They’re sort of my thing, and have a sort of timelessness about them!

Fields Websize-16

Thank you for spending this time with me {F} Family!! I loved our time together, and I’m so, so happy you love your images and prints!

Henderson Family – Fall Session 2015

Henderson Family – Fall Session 2015







I’m on a blogging roll, y’all! One day I’ll have a better workflow to include getting blog posts written as sessions finish, but I’m not quite there yet! But, I do enjoy getting my sessions up, I promise! If you’ve been keeping up with me, you also know that I’ve been working on adding some new features to Shelby Leigh Photography, so maybe I’ll get a pass for continuing to learn how to make this business great 🙂 I’ve also been working on some other areas of my photography, and I’ll save those updates for another post!

I’m so, so blessed to be friends with this amazing family! Seriously, they are amazing! We happened to meet sort of online – we’re both military families, so we try to make connections in new places. In this particular instance, I think I answered a question about what church we went to, and I offered that my family would be on the lookout for theirs if they gave our church, Vaughn Forest, a try. After I was told to look for the man satchel (or murse?…either way…it was the most unique of descriptions he could have given, but it worked – love you Adam!), we found each other, hit it off, and went to lunch and haven’t looked back. Well, maybe on occasion when Jen and my husband get a little weird together! But our kids have a blast and ask for play dates…well, like every time we see each other.

As it turns out, Jen is none other than the amazing Jen Woodhouse….which, is pretty freaking amazing. She is more talented than I can possibly describe; between being a wonderful wife and mother, a talented worship leader and accomplished singer, and her ability to write plans for making furniture (RIGHT?!!) and MAKE the furniture herself, I’ve decided there isn’t much she can’t do (she also does her own photography work…so needless to say, I was already way intimidated going into this session!)! And, to boot…she’s an awesome friend and cook. Our family will surely miss theirs, but as our military family is used to doing, we’re already making plans to meet up after we move from Montgomery!

So, so thankful I was able to capture this sweet family here in Montgomery, but more importantly, that we became great friends while we were here!

I may have overdone it with the picture sharing in this one, but seriously, they’re an overly photogenic family, and their beauty totally shines through.
Plus, I had way too many of my own favorites, so this was easier than choosing!

Henderson Blog Images-1 Henderson Blog Images-3 Henderson Blog Images-7 Henderson Blog Images-9 Henderson Blog Images-10 Henderson Blog Images-12 Henderson Blog Images-14 Henderson Blog Images-16 Henderson Blog Images-17 Henderson Blog Images-19  Henderson Websize-14

Jellyfish – McWane Science Center 2016

I have some pretty weird photography obsessions, and jellyfish and all aquarium pictures really rank high up there!

Recently, my sweet son and I were in Birmingham after some pumonolgy testing that we had done for him. Thankfully, his test turned out well, though we’ll keep monitoring his asthma. Anyways, we decided to make a Mommy & Son date out of it, and we went to the McWane Science Center. There are plenty of wonderful pictures of him that I took as well, but I thought these jellyfish deserved a place of their own!

Is it a weird obsession? Or, can you see the beauty and desire in shooting them as I do?

I think an upcoming project of mine will be to share how to achieve great aquarium captures like these…

Jellyfish 2016-1 Jellyfish 2016-2 Jellyfish 2016-3 Jellyfish 2016-4 Jellyfish 2016-5 Jellyfish 2016-6 Jellyfish 2016-7 Jellyfish 2016-8

{C} Family – Newborn Session

{C} Family – Newborn Session

Oooh…this sweet baby girl’s newborn session has been waiting to be blogged for quite some time, but I was trying to do a little something different and special for this one! I’ve recently started adding photo videos to my sessions and this one was the perfect session to practice on!

I loved every moment of this casual in-home newborn session … and I’m fairly certain it’ll be easy to see why! This precious little one was a dream to work with (as was her gorgeous Mommy and siblings!) and we had some amazing light to work with in this home too. Enjoy!