Maternity : Mommy & Baby “A”

Shelby Leigh Photography | Montgomery, AL | Maternity Photographer

One of my favorites to date, and for so many reasons! When this gorgeous Mommy inquired about a one-on-one maternity session, and we thoroughly discussed her vision, I can’t lie – I was thrilled!! She let me know that we still had a couple months, and I love how prepared and together she was with her vision and her taste! She sent me images of her maternity gown…heavenly!! It’s so beautiful, and even more beautiful on this gorgeous pregnant Mommy! I had wanted to do a styled maternity session like this for some time, and just talking over her expectations and seeing some of the images she had in mind made me giddy!! The time came for our photography session, and although it was a little chilly, she braved it well, and we captured some AMAZING images, of Mommy and daughter, wild and free, and full of love.

I was also super excited to have my friend and photographer colleague with me to capture some of these sweet images too! I wanted to make sure I had enough hands on deck to work with the gown and angles, but thankfully I had it covered for the most part and Becky was able to add some image to her already amazing portfolio as well! I think it’s safe to say that we all had a blast, and the images…they are the perfect way to capture this moment in this sweet family’s life. It definitely needed a little extra pink, a military family with two boys…Baby A was welcomed with open arms, and added a touch of pink to everyone’s lives!

There are so many stunning images to share… I loved making this collage to capture this maternity session with a few of the images that Mommy loves!

Blog Board SLP-20



Seriously, could she be more stunning?!!!

Aly Diptych


“Her children arise up and call her blessed, her husband also, and he praiseth her.” Proverbs 31:28
This one might be my new Mother’s Day favorite!!! Such a perfect and beautiful depiction of Motherhood!!

Aly Scripture SLP

Mommy holding up the letter “A”…for precious Azalea. LOVE.


My sweet friend, Becky, from Capturing Life Photography came with me as an assistant/second shooter, and we had a fantastic time!! Loved capturing her in action!

Becky SLP-51




The hair…the sweet looking down. Gah! Love!

Aly Paslay - SLP-10


She seriously makes pregnancy look as beautiful as it is! I was not nearly this stunning, so um, yeah, I might be a little jealous that she make it look so beautiful and easy!

Aly Paslay - SLP-12


This.Image!!! I don’t know what it is, but it knowing Aly now and the amazing mother she is…it just seems so laid back to me. The whole interpretation of this moment…expecting a third baby, and she’s so gorgeous and chill about it! I love it!

Aly Paslay - SLP-13


LOVE that Aly let me play a little longer than the quoted time…had to catch a perfect silhouette image!

Aly Paslay - SLP-15

M4H P52 : Week 19

Shelby Leigh Photography | Montgomery, AL | Natural Light & Studio Photographer


He’s used to TDY’s, long deployments, and 15-18 hour days and nights without seeing his kids. No matter where the Air Force sends us, home is where and when we are all together. There’s no better feeling to him than when the kids…furbabies and all, get to run up to him the moment he opens the door…and thankfully at our current base, this is a daily sight, unlike the previous 11 years of his career before moving here.

Home Sweet Home-1

T. Ward | May 2014

T.Ward | Maxwell Air Force Base, AL | Child Photographer

No, I didn’t mis-write the date…this session is from a year ago, when I wasn’t actually “blogging” yet! I had just set up my website, and had no clue how to “blog.” I’m still not great at it, but this session was so much fun, I’ve had it up on my computer for a year now, and it’s time to hit the blog! A little background. This precious boy’s sweet Mommy and I became friends in Utah, and even back then she had faith in my photography – long before I had true faith in myself! When we found out we were both here in Montgomery, I was excited to get to see my friend again (and her “baby”…when I saw her last she was still pregnant!) and of course when she asked me to do pictures, I gladly said that I would. I’ve been so thankful to have the privilege of doing a couple sessions with both of her boys and her family – I’m honestly not sure if I’d have continued on this path if it wasn’t for the support and encouragement and faith in my ability that she showed me! One day I might get B’s pictures up as well…but again, one step at a time! I couldn’t help myself though – these images of a sweet 4 year old, with his ridiculous dimples and long lashes…HAD TO BE BLOGGED!

Oh! And I loved this location!! So peaceful and serene…perfect for a relaxing afternoon before the rain!

Tommy SLP-2 Tommy SLP-3  Tommy SLP-5


Mommy really loved this images of T and his hands…they’re perfect to capture at this age!


Tommy 2014-10Tommy SLP-6  Tommy SLP-8



Tommy SLP-9Tommy SLP-7

Maybe one day this little guy will follow in Mommy & Daddy’s footsteps…
Tommy SLP-11 Tommy SLP-12


I just want to title the collage pictures…”Gone Fishin'” … just seems appropriate!! Love him!

Tommy Collage Blog


Thank you so much MJ for having faith in me to capture your family’s memories!! Love and miss you!

M4H P52 : Week 16

M4H P52 : Week 16

Montgomery | Alabama | Family Photographer

M4H P52 : Week 16 [RED]

Hehehe…one of my favorites!! Anything having to do with this handsome little guy…that I’m just a little biased about…is wonderful!! He’s my little guy, so pure of heart and just wonderful! I was so nervous about having “boys”…I had heard all of the Mommy loving and sweetness that they give us, but I didn’t know how good it really was! He’s my Super Hero for sure. This is one of his favorite things to do right now (and for the last couple of years) – EVERY.SINGLE.TIME we pass by flowers, I’m sure to get one!!

The superhero always wins the girl’s heart…especially with gorgeous red roses and that super hero smile! 

The first image is my actual submission…the others are just ones I had to play with!



Red-1 Red-2 Red-4 Red-5

Red-6 Red-7



For this image, I decided to try to make the entire background white…I am please! Learning new stuff each and every day!

red-8 copy Red-8 Red-9


I also submitted a second [RED] choice, but it doesn’t nearly compare to my handsome hero! No special blurb…it pretty much speaks for itself, but check out that rainbow flare!! I think that’s a first form me. I use reverse free lens macro for this…so we got some cool light let in!


M. Family Studio Session | April 2015

M. Family | Montgomery, AL | Studio | April 2015 | Family Photographer

It’s always so much fun to see forever friends…especially when it has a been a couple years and a new baby later! Our friends made the long drive from Oklahoma to Alabama, and our family was so blessed that they were able to stay with us! Our oldest children, though they haven’t seen each other in quite some time, still got along and played well together, as did our younger boys. And…another awesome perk…they were in need of some updated family of 5 pictures! They came to the right place and let me play with my new studio spring backdrop! A photo session with a handsome family and 3 good looking, playful boys…yes, we had a good time!

So grateful that they came and expecting that they’ll be receiving their images any day now…hope they fall in love with them as I did!

Mackey Collage-1 Mackey-1 Mackey-2Mackey-3