M4H P52 : Week 15

M4H P52 : Week 15

The theme this week was “tiny.” And, I’m not gonna lie…I sort of thought I nailed it! Although not chosen as Eye Candy, I can say that I’m super proud of this image, as well as the second I submitted, and believe it’s still exactly what I would hope for such a theme! Not sure how much more tiny it gets than capturing an image of a cross…INSIDE a tiny raindrop…on a tiny leaf! So serious, I was baffled when I was processing the image. First, that there could be such a crisp “cross” in the drop of water, but second I have no idea where that cross came from! I love it regardless, and am blown away by the images I can capture when freelensing. This was reverse macro free lensing, which I think I do better than regular freelensing for some reason! Maybe it’s to find big reminders of God’s creation and love, even in the smallest of subjects! Can you find the cross?

I also submitted a second image, which was actually what I had intended to shoot in the first place! I want to make sure I can incorporate my sweet babies as often as I can in these pictures since this first year of M4H P52 is just my personal project work. I love the concentration and capture of my son’s tiny fingers with the tiny Tarheel Matryoshka Dolls…see below!


Tiny leaf fibers and a tiny drop of water, next to an even tinier drop…on a tiny leaf. What I noticed in post processing, however, was a big reminder that God is always with us…a tiny cross is in the reflection and for the life of me, I can’t figure out where it came from!

M4H Tiny-15



Since starting this project this year, I wanted most of the images to show my kids in some way if possible (with hopes of making an album of them at the end of the year), and my first submission didn’t do that. I like my first for the [tiny] theme better, but this was the original image I had in mind, before I was distracted by other tiny things smile emoticon

My tiny Tarheels playing with their tiny Tarheel Matryoshka Dolls yesterday.

Tiny - M4H -15




M4H P52 : Week 14 [Eye Candy Link]

I’m still “grieving” over this image, or at least what it represents. It was so hard to witness and to capture “that moment.” I always dreaded it, but I had no idea how deep it would be, nor did I ever think I’d be able to look back on it so vividly. My beautiful baby girl…is officially growing up. I never thought that this realization would be so very difficult for her, but I guess as a parent, I should have known better. We’ve been discussing “lying” among many other normal (I HOPE!!) childhood issues, and of course…now I’ve been lying her whole life. NEVER did it occur to me it would be like that for her. In my mind, we’ve tried SO HARD to do everything so perfectly as parents. And although I’ve known it was on the brink for…a while…I’m still upset that it’s over candy. The wrong candy was used…Mommy bought the same candy as the Easter Bunny…fail. Major Mom Fail. The irony is that I stayed up until 1:30 am, trying SO HARD to perfect every detail. Easter was hard this year!

**The good news is that, after actually sitting down with her on a Mommy-Daughter Date, she not only understood but is more than willing to continue the efforts of keeping the magic and spirit of believing up for her little brother. I think she understand a bit better, but I can’t say it was easy to discuss with her…my little lady instead of my baby girl.

I processed this image with a higher contrasting black and white than I usually do. I typically prefer soft, gray scale tones…but this image called for dramatic. If there’s one good thing from this image (okay, I know there are a lot, but it’s still hard!!) it’s that it was chosen by Sarah at My Four Hens Photography as Eye Candy, and that does make me happy, as I do love the image itself. It’s different than my usual work, but it moves me for sure.


M4H P52 [Black &White]

It breaks my heart to post this Black & White image. This one moment in time captures innocence lost to reality. This. This is the moment when I knew and could see that my little girl stopped believing. To her, the reality is black and white…Mommy lied to her, and those things she believed in are no longer. The moment I took it, I knew.B&W M4H -1

M4H P52 : Week 13

M4H P52 [MUSE] 

Capturing God’s creation and my littles…they are my driving forces in all I do, and I couldn’t do any of it without Jesus!! 

I hadn’t actually “planned” a session with these two, but the opportunity presented itself while I was out doing a friend’s session at a gorgeous plantation-type home in Alabama. Having done a session there before, and talked about how gracious and lovely the owners are, my children wanted to tag along and come to the session, and it just so happened that they were given a day off of school. They were SO good during my session, and then they were thrilled to meet the owner and get a grand tour of the home! They were so excited and I’m glad that they finally had a chance to come! Before leaving the home, I had a few spare minutes to get a couple images of my little muses together, and the image with the cross…it wasn’t posed. I asked them to walk towards it, but they gave me so much more. I love the feeling I get from it!

Ilove the soft black and white images, but I also enjoyed creating the matte-style images…I could play all day with editing!

This diptych is the image that I submitted…the ones below it are the ones I considered submitting. Love these kiddos more than anything!

Muse Collage -1 Muse Collage 2 Muse-1 Muse-2 Muse-3 Muse-4

M4H P52 : Week 12

There are so many things that come to mind when I hear the word “shining”…and although this isn’t the “typical” idea, I couldn’t help but share this image! It was taken during our family mini-vacation to North Carolina. We were there because of a best friend from high school’s wedding, but since my little guy’s 5th Birthday was just two days later, we decided to head to Great Wolf Lodge in Charlotte – which is AMAZING!!! – and we celebrated my handsome man’s birthday there. I don’t think he minded too much…but what do you think?

*Mommy Moment…he’s the cutest thing. EVER.


Few things shine more brightly than one of the sweetest 5 year old boys on his birthday…at Great Wolf Lodge…after a delivery of milk and cookies from the characters. He was beaming, and the shining in his eyes captures his emotion perfectly!


Sweet Baby Girl N. | Newborn Studio Session 2015

Sweet Baby Girl N. | Montgomery, AL | Studio | January 2015

I could not have been more excited to have my friend Chris recommend this sweet Mommy and her beautiful baby girl to come see me and try out my new studio! I think it was only a day or two after speaking that she got right in, as we knew Baby N was a little older than my average newborn session. Now, it’s preferable to have newborn sessions with babies who are 7-10 days old; however, this sweet Mommy really wanted these images, and I really wanted to test my studio, and I knew we could make it happen! Baby N was a bit fussy, as to be expected, but a couple of my favorite images are of Mommy just loving and caressing her. And I think we got plenty of amazing images, and I LOVE that we were able to put my new Owl Outfit to good use…it’s the PERFECT fit for this little girl, and Mommy lit up when I pulled it out…we knew it was the ONE! Enjoy!


Jordan Collage -1
Jordan Autrey - Newborn-2 Jordan Autrey Cover For I know Jordan Autrey SLP-3


And, if anyone needs and AMAZING furniture…or props, such as this newborn prop bed…I know a guy! My friend Chris used his talent to create this bed, as well as another for me! Had to show it off in use!


Eiff Family – Spring 2015

Eiff Family | Montgomery, AL | Natural Light | April 2015 | Family Photographer

Sometimes, when you look back on the people God has let in your life, you realize that each little step of the way, he has guided carefully those who are to be family. Let me explain. We are a military family, and as such, many of our friends become our family. No questions…they’re just family, they’ve invited us in, watched our backs, propped us up. I giggle knowing how and when I first met the Mommy in this beautiful family, and sometimes wonder what she thought of me. I’m a *bit* introverted, so when joining a new MOPS group when we got to Montgomery, I was a little shy, which is totally normal for me. This Mommy…well, she isn’t shy. But moreover, she’s not only inclusive, loving, and genuine…she’s also a great listener. I had no idea then that our paths would continue on this journey of love and friendship between our families, but I’m so glad that it did!!

I absolutely LOVED this spring session!! It was actually taken at a beautiful plantation-type home here in Alabama, and everything about the session was amazing…and so are the owners of the beautiful home. The Eiffs and my children and I were able to tour the home and also, unknown to us at the time, get a huge spiritual blessing from the owners. They are amazing, and I’m so thankful to call both families friends!

Eiff Collage - SLP -2



For.The.LOVE. Could this little guy be ANY CUTER?!!! I think not!


Eiff SLP-1


AdvoCare Champions!!

Eiff SLP-2 Eiff SLP-3


I can’t get over big brother…loving on his baby brother!!! LOVE!

Eiff SLP-4 Eiff SLP-5 Eiff SLP-6 Eiff SLP-7

I’m a little smitten with this picture and how beautiful this couple is!

Eiff SLP-8

“Green” – Art of Whimsy Top 3

“Green” – Art of Whimsy Top 3



 I enter a lot of challenges…we’ve had this discussion. I don’t ever, or rather, rarely ever expect to “win” or even be featured with as many photographers who are out there with so much talent!! And truth be told, I pretty much stop expecting or even going back to the links to check, just because the odds aren’t exactly in my favor.

But sometimes…I have a feeling. And some images truly speak to me, and when I found out a couple weeks ago that I was chosen over at The Art of Whimsy for Top 3 for their “Green” theme…I was thrilled, since this was one of those such images! The moment I snapped this one and then looked at the back of my camera for confirmation…it was in my mind that this, this one was truly special!!

Here’s the link for my chosen image from The Art of Whimsy! The other images are amazing too, so I am thrilled I was featured among this talent!


M4H P52 : Week 11

This week’s theme write up was short and sweet! So, a little background might be fun! Our family had planned for a couple of months to go to North Carolina for one of my closest high school best friend’s wedding. Wow, that was a mouthful! Anyways, with us being on the same coast, it was necessary that I do everything possible to be there. So, we drove back up to North Carolina for a weekend (if you’ve been following my blog, we travel up there quite a bit!). Now, the wedding was gorgeous – hmm, I might need to add some pictures – and I’m so happy for my sweet friend and her husband! We were also blessed to stay with one of my best college friends (and my only bridesmaid, many, many years ago!) and her sweet family – again, more pictures needed – but there was something missing. We HAD to do something for my little man’s birthday, which was over spring break the following week. Sooooo…we made a week of it and went to Great Wolf Lodge afterwards.

However…before the fun, we had the very, very long car travels…again. So, here is my “reality” submission…which I love!


The reality of getting to the destination of a mini family vacation…from a child’s perspective.

M4H P52 - Week Reality -11

M4H P52 : Week 10

I might have had a little more fun with this week’s theme than I had originally intended!! But seriously, when you freelens ANTS…fast, quickly moving ANTS…and they turn out well…you have to be happy about that! Plus, nature and God’s creation was a huge catalytic factor in pursuing photography! Love it! (though in 100% truth, I never thought I’d find ants THIS fascinating…)


“We stand somewhere between the mountain and the ant.”

This morning I went out on a brief nature walk, and shot some freelensed reverse macro images of flowers and normal “nature” images, that I am in love with. On the way back from my nature walk, however, I stumbled across an ant hill. And then I decided to try my luck at capturing the nature of ants in their colony, and how vast nature really is. Not successful with a lot of ants scrambling around, but super excited that I captured some really crisp individual ants! Those little guys are FAST!!

Here are quite a few “ant” images…but the last one is the one I submitted.

Ant -1 Ant -2

I LOVE this one below…it’s so crisp I can see my reflection!

Ant -3

This one below is holding food!!

Ant -4 Ant -5 Ant -6

The official submission is below…it just looks so surreal to me! Love it!

Ant 1-1

M4H P52 [NATURE] : Submission 2

Now, this is what I went on my nature walk for, before the ants! These are what my sweet son always picks for me, individually of course, and he is always so happy with himself – I get “flowers” on a daily basis from his sweet little hands…a bit of his nature shining through in each and every gift. That boy loves his Mommy…
The colored flower is the official second submission…


But I had to play with it in Black & White too!



M4H P52 : Week 9

M4H P52 -8


Quite possibly one of my most special and touching entries to M4H. I was actually a little sad to see that this was not chosen as Eye Candy! Sigh…can’t win ’em all, but this one touches me on so many levels. My post is below…let me know what you think. Even now, though it’s been a few weeks since I’ve really looked at it, it still moves me. Everything about the shape of her new ‘do, her beautiful almond eyes, and her vision of shaping the future of others. Love it…and OH THOSE LIPS!

M4H P52

[SHAPES] 9/52

In this image, I see various shapes, including circles, triangles, the gorgeous almond shape of her eyes and full lips, but most of all, the change in hair shape. And though the shape of her hair changed very drastically for a new outward appearance, what you can’t see is that the shape and size of her heart continues to grow.

Twelve inches isn’t much to her, because she knows what a mere 12 inches can do for someone else. She had the stylist take off as much as she could, just as she did with her first donation two years ago – she didn’t let the stylist take off only 8 inches. As a child who has struggled with trichotillomania, she knows the beauty in donating hair, and how it can shape the life and world view of a child. And for that lesson learned at such a young age, I am thankful.

Caroline's Hair Collage