Blogging Again? …. Maybe

Blogging Again?  …. Maybe


I get it. It’s been a while. In fact, unbeknownst to me until this very moment, it’s been a YEAR since I’ve last posted! Where has the time gone? 

Well, here’s a bit of an update. And possibly why it should matter.

Last April, 2018, my husband was deployed and was gone for 374 days! Crazy, right? Well, in that time, I was taking care of our two kiddos, ensuring that we attended all of our end of school events, enjoying our summer vacation…and then the craziness of our school schedule returned! Seriously, I have two kids, but the amount of extracurricular activities they enjoy is insane. Karate (x2, two days a week, and one was on the tournament team last year), piano (x2), gymnastics (competition team, 2 times a week, and then meets), band, archery, golf, academic team…and I’m confident I’m missing something! And, I love it. I love watching my children grow in their chosen activities, whether they are “good” at them or not! That said, I was left with little time for “me” (my undeniably bad health issues) and my photography growth. 

Fast forward through his return in May of 2019, and my husband came home, we went to Europe on a Disney Cruise (AMAZING! I’ll post pictures one day…and maybe even do a blog post!), and….then he moved to Washington DC. He was home 1.5 months total between his return and his departure. Have I mentioned lately how much I <<LOVE>> the Air Force? Note the sarcasm. And, although *some* time away is nice – because, let’s be honest, the running joke with our friends is that the pain in my neck is actually a long-term chronic illness called “being married” – working on a second year without a partner in the home to help me raise our kids, to help with things like home maintenance and bills, and to just be there for each other and to enjoy each other has been difficult. Manageable, thanks to an amazing tribe of friends, but nonetheless, difficult. I actually really love and adore my husband, and he’s my other half. It’s pretty tedious going through life without half of yourself. I miss him. But right now, this is our calling – him to be there for the Air Force and his country, and for me to be here for our children. 

I’m pretty verbose, and condensing anything is rather tedious for me! So, to sum up, it’s been a long year and a half or so, and thank goodness I’ve received a swift kick in the caboose from some AMAZING friends! MY TRIBE! I’ll discuss my tribe more later and the significance of me being able to say that, so be prepared for that upcoming post. So, even though I’ve not done nearly as many sessions as I’d like over the last year (still grateful for each and every client who enjoys working with me for my style and vision), and even though I’ve lost some confidence in myself because of this, they won’t let me continue the negative self-talk. In fact, I have at least four friends literally on a mission to help me in any way they can (life, health, kids…all the things) but for this post’s purpose, they’ve been steering me back on course with my photography goals. And although I’m afraid of failure, they have faith in me. And with that…here I am. Blogging for the first time in a year. 

What’s in store for my clients? New sessions, in studio! Up next…Fall Sessions, Halloween themed sessions, and …Christmas! 

What could be better than all that? Christmas WITH Santa! It’s totally happening! 

Want a sneak peek?  

I thought so! Check it out! 



Kinard Family – Fall 2015

Oh goodness…how my photography soul needed this sweet, urban Montgomery family session! I have been so accustomed to having clients want a “Southern” tone about their images, so I’ve been on the hunt for open fields with gorgeous sunsets or water-surrounded areas with Spanish Moss coming from the trees, or cotton fields! But this sweet family wanted something a bit more personal this year, as more of a keepsake of their time here in Montgomery. And, well, it helps that they let me capture them with a tire swing and water at sunset last year!

We agree to meet in downtown Montgomery, with no real expectation of how it would go…we both knew we could make it work wherever our walk led us! And we found the perfect area, and I am so excited about how these images turned out! Thoughts? Would you love an urban session?! After doing this one…I’m convinced this one is up on my list now too!

Could this precious little girl be any cuter?! And that brother of hers…so, so handsome with those amazing baby blues! And he knows how to use them, complete with gentlemanly charm! Last year, he gave me a memento of our session…a wildflower that he picked for me (you can see last year’s session here: )! Love him!

Kinard Blog Low-Res 72 ppi-8   Kinard Blog Low-Res 72 ppi-1

Love, love, love. So, so precious!

Kinard Blog Low-Res 72 ppi-2 Kinard Blog Low-Res 72 ppi-3 Kinard Kiss Collage


For the love, this little boy!! He should be a model!

Kinard Sneak 72 ppi-1

Kinard Sneak 72 ppi-2


Of course, this little girl has changed so much in one year! Last year…camera shy. This year…HELLO GORGEOUS CAMERA-LOVING PERSONALITY!!!! I couldn’t get enough!


Kinard Blog Low-Res 72 ppi-19 Kinard Blog Low-Res 72 ppi-25

And, a sad farewell to Montgomery picture…but I love that we found this awesome wall!! Everyone needs one of these! Montgomery has been a wonderful home to our family, and to this one, and hopefully via the military, our paths will cross again! Love you guys!

Kinard Blog Low-Res 72 ppi-20 Kinard Blog Low-Res 72 ppi-21


And…just to remember this precious family and a little boy who stole my heart…

Hudsons Flowers-1



Young Family Christmas Photos

Montgomery | Alabama | Family Photographer

Amazing what stepping out and just inviting someone to your home can do! This sweet Mommy and I formed a quick friendship and bond with our little girls, and I’m thankful that the military life brought us together and that we know we can count on each other! Let me tell you, this lady has an amazing heart and I’m thankful just to know her, and very humbled to have been asked to photograph her beautiful family!

A  gorgeous fall day with beautiful scenery, and the sweetest of families! I loved everything about this session! I was excited that Mommy was super relaxed and really able to go with the flow with location and my visions! We were able to capture some great shots, candid, posed, couple, and individual! It was fantastic! Everyone was super cooperative and photogenic…even Spencer the dog! Young -1 Young -2 Young SLP -1 Young SLP -2 Young SLP -3 Young SLP -4 Young-3 Young-4 Young SLP Blog 72 dpi-1 Young SLP Blog 72 dpi-2Young SLP Blog 72 dpi-4 Young SLP Blog 72 dpi-3 Young SLP Blog 72 dpi-5 Young SLP Blog 72 dpi-6 Young SLP Blog 72 dpi-7 Young SLP Blog 72 dpi-8 Young SLP Blog 72 dpi-9 Young SLP Blog 72 dpi-10

Studio : Ziegenfuss Family Christmas

I am so excited that I had the opportunity to take this family’s Christmas session in my new studio! Believe it or not, this sweet family lives about 5 minutes within walking distance from me, and our husbands work together. Love it when the military brings new families into our lives to befriend! And, as you can tell by the images below, they have the cutest little boy! What a little charmer, and he’s seriously always in a wonderful mood! He’s truly blessed with such great parents!

Ziegenfuss-1 Zig SLP-1 Zig SLP-2 Zig SLP-3 Zig SLP-4 Zig SLP-5 Zig SLP-6 Zig SLP-7 Zig SLP-8 Zig SLP-9

Eiff Family Christmas Photos

If you’ve been following, you’ll know that I had the honor of capturing a few special memories for the Eiff Family with the birth of their sweet baby boy. Grateful beyond words that this family has now let me capture two of their Family Christmas Card sessions…last year’s session was so inspiring, I might one day need to share those images too! They knew ahead of time that I had just started with my new studio set up, and I’m beyond thankful that they were willing to give me a chance this year with a different style! Enjoy…Eiff Gallery -5 Eiff Gallery -6 Eiff Gallery -15 Eiff Gallery -17 Eiff Gallery -22 Eiff Gallery -24 Eiff Gallery -26