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When you live in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, it’s very likely that you’ll run in to some of the kindest people…even if it’s just out and about doing errands, at Kohl’s! 

After we chat over a few items and then our military backgrounds, we were comfortable enough to share each other business cards, and out of that came a beautiful friendship and these updated portraits for this sweet couple! As always, very honored to capture moments and images that families will love, as well as to update some business photos as well! 

Also, you can find these images at Favor Real Estate…talk with the Peterson’s if you are interested in an awesome property management duo to help your real estate needs! 

Lightning in South OKC

I love attempting to do what seems to be the impossible, and capturing actual lighting strikes seems to be one of my favorite things! It amazes me that in an instant, I can freeze something that happens in the blink of an eye.

This particular evening was AMAZING. We were prepared for severe weather, hail and possible tornadoes (hello, OKC, we’ve missed you!) — but the lighting show…wow! I have lived here a long time, and this was by far the most active lightning show (with deep rumbles of thunder the whole time) I have ever seen. I was captivated by it.

Below are a couple of my favorite images, from the storm in South OKC (well, in a good chunk of OKC, but I’m in South OKC) on October 4, 2016. At some point, I may do a Capturing Lightning Tutorial…so be on the look out. As we may be gearing up for Round 2 of storms this evening, I’m going to enjoy time with my kiddos and make sure we are ready to take cover if we need it.

It’s a toss up whether I like this one or the last one the most…


I this one, it was one of the first frames and I was in such a hurry to capture some lightning…so, the shutter speed was a little fast. But, it’s a nice, crisp lightning shot!

I think our trampoline looks cool like this!
10-4-16-slp-websize-okc-storm-4 10-4-16-slp-websize-okc-storm-5 10-4-16-slp-websize-okc-storm-6 10-4-16-slp-websize-okc-storm-7  10-4-16-slp-websize-okc-storm-9
There’s something a little eerie about seeing this go on. Above your head.

See…this one is pretty cool…

Jen Woodhouse – Construction-Themed Kids Workshop Party

When our military family moves from one location to the next, we often wonder what type of friends we’ll have and if we’ll find “that” family (the good “that”…not the bad “that” 🙂 ) – the one  that we can get along with and essentially become family with. You know — the friendships where both husbands and wives get along and the children play and enjoy hanging out together, and no matter what everyone loves each other? These friendships are not always easy to find, but we were so, so blessed in Montgomery, Alabama the day that our new friends walked in to the church that my husband and I had been attending for almost two years. A God-thing? I think so! The intrigue of this sweet couple may or may not have also been sparked by the identifying “look for the man with a murse.” After the service, lunch…and then the forever friendship!

From that day on, our husbands formed a special <read in to this, “crazy, fun, off-humored”> relationship while Jen and I … well, we are both more on the introverted shy side (and normal!), which both of us will admit…we were typically just humored by how “off” our husbands really can be! We always enjoy our time together, but the guys typically stole the show in our discussions and get togethers (which, inevitably turned in to work conversations or…discussion about movies, or The Walking Dead). Both of us being self professed work-a-holics (we’re both Moms, first, but also both being self employed pulled us both in directions to work a lot!), we didn’t really get to know each other as well as I’d have liked until towards the end of our time in Montgomery. No worries though — we so enjoyed our time, and hopefully we can more than make up for it moving forward!  These were our church friends, after church lunch friends, our Mexican food loving friends, our husband’s have a bromance friends, and we both wish we had spent more time hanging out friends! And just like that, 10 months passed us by, but not without a lot of fun memories in between.

One such memory was Jen’s Bug House Building Kids’ Workshop/Construction-Themed Party. Jen Woodhouse, over at The House of Wood, is a ridiculously talented military wife and DIY Blogger who designs and builds furniture and provides the plans to her projects for her followers. (these are among her other various talents, including leading worship and singing/songwriting/piano-playing…I’m sure there’s so much more that I’m hardly doing her justice…she’s seriously one of the most talented people that I know!) Jen invited our family along with a few other families to enjoy a Construction-Themed Party that she hosted through her work with Home Depot. I’ll add a few images, but you can find the rest in her blog, which is below. If you aren’t following Jen yet, you NEED to! This woman, this friend…I’m blessed to call her and her family that…she’s amazing, and has so much to offer on how to build furniture, do projects, decorate, and even survive the world of being a military spouse.

What a blessing it is in our military lifestyle that we can meet, become fast friends, and know we’ll continue our friendship through the years! We already have plans to meet up…they’re only a few hours away in Texas, so if we need a break from Oklahoma, you can bet we’ll be meeting them in Dallas for a mini vacation (and Mexican food!)

And, our construction-themed party started!

Jen Woodhouse - Websize-1

Jen and parents helped the kiddos out…look at all that concentration!

Jen Woodhouse - Websize-2 Jen Woodhouse - Websize-9

Jen Woodhouse - Websize-11 Jen Woodhouse - Websize-15

Jen Woodhouse - Websize-21

Making sure everything was just perfect!

Jen Woodhouse - Websize-19 Jen Woodhouse - Websize-27

When the kiddos needed a break, these yummy treats were close by!

Jen Woodhouse - Websize-23

Jen Woodhouse - Websize-30

Is this not the coolest pizza cutter/cookie cutter ever?!
Jen Woodhouse - Websize-32

One of the final products! I think this one is like camouflage!

Jen Woodhouse - Websize-25

Jen Woodhouse - Websize-35
Jen Woodhouse - Websize-36

Jen Woodhouse - Websize-37

She even caught a bug!

Jen Woodhouse - Websize-40

This was definitely a hit! Thank you, Jen Woodhouse!
We love and miss you!

Jen Woodhouse - Websize-41 Jen Woodhouse - Websize-42


Bug House Building Kids’ Workshop Party